Dog Days.

You don’t know this yet but I have 3 critters.  My dog Jake, would be the largest out of all of them.  He is big and black with a white streak going down his chest.  To top it all off he’s got a red caller with an old tag who’s letters are fading.

Well one day we decided to take Jake on a trip to the Laura S. Walker park.  It was a short drive, but when you have a big, hyper, stinky dog in the car it feels like an hour!  He stepped on one of my brothers in the process of sticking his big head out the window.  thank goodness slobber didn’t fly back at me!  Ether the leash got stuck and tangled or he wouldn’t  stay very still.  I can’t remember, but both have happened before.

When we got to the lake he got a little excited.  New animals!  New trees!  New posts to pee on!  New smells!  This is probably all that went on in that head of his.  We sat down to eat and I tied him up to a tree nearby.  But I swear that, that dog has a built in scanner!  Everything he looks at, BEEP!  It scans it!  Not only that, but it identifies the object for him.  And what luck!  That scanner of his found are sandwiches.  He seemed to be hungry, so he as many dogs do, started to bark at us.

I took him to the water which at times he seems to love!  Those times, is when me and my dad take him down to a little dirty, small, river thingy.  Jake dose not seem to care if its dirty.  We almost always take him off the leash and let him zoom around at hyper speed up the dunes and into the water.  He seemed to think this was one of those times.  He splashed in the water, then seeming to be oblivious to the fact that the leash was still on.  He revved up his engines and zoomed around at hyper speed.  I all the sudden found myself on my belly being dragged around by a dog, I’m starting to think of as part clown.

He hopped up and climbed onto a little wooden  fence like thing that stood right beside a deeper part of the water.  I got up after him and pushed him in.  Ha!  I’d got him back!  I was brimming with satisfaction.  But of course I’ve been in the lake myself!  And although I’ve never seen them in their, I will go ahead and tell you that its infested with Gators!  Jake got out lickity split and shook all the water from that thick pelt of his and put it right on me!  Well, what a HECTIC day!

And luckily for us, no Gator sitings!      AH! ALLIGATORS!


4 responses to “Dog Days.

  1. I am seriously laughing out loud reading your post! You are so descriptive, I could clearly imagine everything as you told it.
    Thanks for a great story, The Girl Named Jack!

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