My travels

Can I have a drum roll please?!  Its me again…..The one…..And only…….JACK!   TeeHee!

Well as ya can see I’m writing yet another post!  Well I’m going to wright about some of my travels!

OK.  Well first of all……I was born in Georgia  and then moved to Arizona.  I think we staid their like a year or something.  I did get to see the grand canyon, but I was to little to remember it!  *sighs*

Well then we moved to Germany for four years and that’s when two of my brothers were born.  I’ve visited Paris and have been to the top of the Ifail  Tower.  I can remember that!

Then we moved to California and stayed their awhile.  After that we drove all the way from California to Maryland and in the process broke the cars air conditioner. (Which still has not been fixed!)

That’s when my youngest brother was born.  Then we drove from Maryland all the way back to Georgia!  And now here we are in Georgia!


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