The Way Of The Wolf

Hi their, its Jack here!  I would like to give a little preview on a book I’m working on called The Way Of The Wolf.  The main character starts off as a young, lively wolf pup named Nightpaw.  He is large for his age and a dark black color.

His sister white sister, is named Snowpelt and his coal black brother named Pantherpelt, is the smallest of the pups.

Nightpaws father is a large, bushy, gray wolf and is also leader of the pack.  His fathers name is Graysnout.  Graysnouts mate, (Who is of course also Nightpaws mother) Is named Thickfur.  She is a grayish brown colored wolf with “thick fur”

The two grown brothers are named Sabertooth  and Bearclaw.  Bearclaw is loyal to the pack and eager to help.  He is also quick to obey Graysnouts orders.


A local artists drawing of a wolf.

His brother Sabertooth, is large, sturdy and a dusky brown color.  He has two large canines that curl over his bottom lip, giving him the name Sabertooth.  He is strong and fierce and will do anything to get the position of pack leader.  This is all I really have about this book for today. So see ya next time!


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