Yes I’m working on yet another book!

Goldpelt is a warmhearted gold\Brown she tiger and also the main character of this book.  This book is called Goldpelt and tells the tail of three tigers as they fight the forces around them.

The book starts off when Goldpelt is off hunting  and finds a shadowy attacker within her territory.  When she excepts the starved Fernshade into her home, she has no idea what troubles lay ahead.  Only a short while later she finds herself adopting a white tiger who’s barely more then a cub.  The young tigers name turns out to be Frostpaw and he is just as starved as Fernshade was when she first found him.

But soon the three realize the hardships of hunting for all of them on only a small amount of land.  And whats worst!  Their hunting grounds become smaller and scarcer of prey then ever when humans start to build houses in their territory!

When Frostpaw comes back from a fruitless hunt with a limp caused by a human that may never go away.  The three make a huge decision and head out towards the Himalayas in search of better hunting grounds.

Be rooting for me as I work on these books!  I really hope they’ll get published!


This is once again a picture of my made up character Pantherpelt! But in this picture he's fighting his enemy named Tigerstripe!


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