Stand UP Comedy!

Well hey there!  Its me again your local clown……..JACK!  Today I’m going to tell a couple jokes!

Q. Why did the bubble gum cross the road?  A. It was stuck to the Chickens foot!

Q. Did you here about the dead sea?  A. Me nether, I didn’t even know it was sick!

Q. What happens when you cross a shark with a lion and then a parrot?  A. I don’t know, but if it wants a cracker you better give it one!  (Or two.)

well that’s really all the jokes for today folks!  Sorry…….Well whateves  See ya later!


4 responses to “Stand UP Comedy!

  1. Hi J.E.B. I like your blog so far. It’s great! I especially love the names of the characters in the book you are writing. Love from Louisiana, Nonnie

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