I’m back from the GIANT hills!

GIANT hills as in “mountains.”  (In a way a giant hill….But whatever!)  I don’t think you know this but I just took a 7 day trip to the mountains!  We stayed in Vogel park in the North Georgia mountains.  Or as my great grandpa called them-the “mountings.” 🙂  I took more than 100 pictures!  I know because I counted them myself!  (I hope I didn’t miss any.)  The leaves were red, yellow, brown, orange and some were still green!  Since “a lot” were the color of flames, I nicknamed the “mounting”   Fire mountain!  Our log cabin had a fishing dock and I probably fished every day!  I caught a brim, Channel catfish, Redbreasts and a Sunfish!  (not the ocean kind.) It was totally AWESOME!  Plus-I may have caught some with worms BUT.  I caught most of them I’m pretty sure with bread balls.  The way I caught the first one was I spread bread on the water and they came for it!  Than some pore unsuspecting fish went and got mine!  He’s friends were probably freaking out saying, “where is he? Where’d he go?”  Well I’ll tell you where he was.  In a white bucket with a couple of other fish.  The whole trip was totally AWESOME!


3 responses to “I’m back from the GIANT hills!

  1. Hey, it’s really me leaving a comment this time, not just you posing as me. 😛

    You need to hurry up and write a bunch of posts about your trip! With pictures!

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