Hiho Paint, lets get where we ain’t!

Hiho Paint, lets get where we ain’t, is actually what my great grandma used to say when she was playing as Tonto the Indian.   She would do this as a young girl.  (I think she was the one….)

Well anyways!  I just got back from the North Giorgia mountains yesterday.  I got to ride HORSES!  I love HORSES!  I got to ride a brown male horse at the Trackrock stables for an HOUR!  Plus it was my first time riding without somebody leading me the whole way.  My horses name was Eggo and my great aunts was named Yahoo!  (Tee hee.)

It was so awesome!  It was a little bumpy!  At first they took out the horses and would say stuff like-“Any boys want to ride Twister?”  And than whoever wanted to ride that horse could get on by themselves or get help.  “I” got help.  They teach you how to ride the horse and its really fun.  But dude!  When you first stick your foot in the stirrup and swing yourself into the saddle.  The horse starts to walk over to the grass to graze before you start the trail!  You have to hold the tips of the reins when they do that.  Other wise when they bend their head down to eat you might get pulled down to!

But than Eggo was still eating and other people were lining up.  So I got some help from a guide, and she said that I should pull as hard on the reins as I could!  Than we began to walk down the trail all in a line, nose to tail looking at the bright leaves and pretty mountains and stuff.  After awhile they asked every one if we wanted to trot.  I was like.  “yes!”

Now there are 4 walking traits of a horse that I know of.  And they are-Walking, trotting, Cantering and galloping.  I’ve only done it while the horse was walking!  So they came around and did something with the saddles I think.  And than they said for us to stand up in the saddle a little bit and hold the reins in one hand, saddle horn in the other.  The trot seemed pretty fast to me….Bumpy…..And…..Exciting!  It was my favorite part!  My great aunt Rere was bouncing up and down and didn’t seem to like it much.

When we got back I was a little sad we couldn’t do it more!  (At least I kinda am now.)  It was amazing!


This is not Eggo. Just some black horse out in one of their pastures, or something.


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