Syrup! I went to this festival where they made syrup!  (Also in the mountains.)  I forgot how to spell the name of the syrup, but I can sound it out to you!  Sore-Gum.  My Rere bought some for us and it tastes like Cain syrup to me.

I got to ride a horse with somebody leading it at the festival.  It wasn’t very fun. 😦  When I got on I noticed like half my foot was in the stirrup.  I remembered how at Trackrock somebody said to only put part of your foot in the stirrup.  (Your toes or something.)  So I tried taking my foot out of the stirrup and putting it back in the “right” way.

I was only able to get my whole foot out.  And “not” be able to put it back in.  Than we turned to go back and my other foot scraped against a tree and came free of the other stirrup!  Of course when we got back they let us take pictures of me on the horse.  Fortunately I don’t have one with me so I can’t show you right now.

And guess what else?  At that same petting zoo this Shetland pony “bit” me!  I was trying to hold my hand out flat and give him some feed.  But he bit down on my hand!  It hurt, but when I looked….He hadn’t even broke the skin as far as I could see.  I guess he just scraped my hand hard or something.


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