Flutter flie!

You’ll never guess?!  My brother actually HELD a butterfly!  Its in are kitchen right now.  Its fading fast though….We think its going to die….Right now its on its side with its proboscis stuck out so it can drink sugar water.  The tip of one wing is torn and it only has four legs.  (All insects have six legs.)  When my brother was holding it I was like.  “Don’t touch its wings!  It’ll rub the little scales off and it won’t be able to fly!”  Mostly I just said that he shouldn’t touch its wings cause it wouldn’t be able to fly then.  (But the scale thing I’m pretty sure is true.)  Who here loves the fruit called a….Well actually I can’t figure out how its spelled…It sounds like this……Beep! Beep!  No not really!  (Teehee!)  Low…..Quwat.  Well this tree used to have that fruit on it and right now its covered in….BUTTERFLY’S!  Their really going for its flowers!! 🙂 🙂 :)!


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