Don’t Need an X-ray For This Pooch!

You don’t need an X-ray for this pooch!  Are old neighbors moved like, last week or the week before or something.  But they used to have this Bulldog called Ozzie.

I remember one day when I was fixing to take my dog, Jake out on a walk.  All the sudden Ozzie appeared in our yard!  His owner came over and put a leash on him.  Their kids were kinda bummed when he ran away and they couldn’t find him one day.  (Well at least I think they were.  I don’t think I saw them cry over Ozzie or anything….Did I? :(?)

Anyways.  He ran away a couple weeks ago and today he just showed up in our drive way!  He’s a boy, nice, and you can see his ribs!  Which is why you don’t need an X-ray for him.  (At least not for his ribs, at the moment! :)!)

I asked our other nieghber about it.  But he doesn’t seem to know much.  (Actually he didn’t seem to really know that they had, had a dog.)

I don’t think he can do any tricks.  I set down some food for him and he sniffed it, but wouldn’t eat.  I think he may be sick. :(!  As you can see, even though he’s not mine I’m worried about him.

We got the message about Ozzie to the old neighbors and you know what they texted back?  No.   They don’t seem to want Ozzie back.  They moved all the way to Florida and we live up here in Georgia.

some photos of him.-


The black dog, is my Collie/Black lab, named Jake.  He is a boy also.  (We think that’s what he is.)

Who here thinks Ozzie looks unhealthy?!


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