I Did It!

I finished my book today!  I might make it an E-book.  Wouldn’t that be cool?  It’s called War Of The Split Hooved And Winged.

It’s about these two herds of Horses who end up getting in a battle in the end of the book.  It’s all because of the Unicorn leader named Nightmare.  (Nightmare cause she’s black and she’s a girl horse.  Not like a real Nightmare.)

She falls in love with the Pegasus leader who’s name is Ravenwing.

Three years later when the main character.  (Snowfern.)  Has kids of his own and Nightmare’s had a foal also.  The foal shows a sine that it’s going to grow wings and horns/split hooves, because it’s a mix between a Pegasus and a Unicorn!

I wrote this book for the NaNoWriMo young writers program and finally finished it yesterday!  But then I didn’t think it was quite good enough and re-writed the very last part again!

As a matter of fact, I went over my word goal of 16, 300!  Or was it 16, 500?  This is a photo I took of my Pegasus/Unicorn stuft animal that I made look like its galloping.  She came with the name Jewel and my mom turned the photo into  a cover for me.


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