Dog Days Part 2!

Hey I’ve got some more dog stories to tell you today!  At least three.-

Yesterday my mom’s friend came over with her Shitzu puppy!  Its name is Rango and it’s a boy.  My dad took it out side to use the bathroom and Jake was peering over the fence at it being his usual territorial self.  It peed right outside the fence and then Jake gave a little moan like-I can not believe he just peed outside my fence.-

  And the other day on my birthday-(The twenty first of November.)  I was telling my grandpa while we walked down the drive way how I’d got to play my new game-(Zelda And The Legend Of The Twilight princess.)  Instead of walking the dog!  We looked up at Jake and he was peeking over the fence again shaking his head no with a sad look on his face!  Just as if he was sad that he didn’t get walked!

  The last story takes place last winter when we started letting Jake inside cause of the cold.  He was on the couch and I went up and crossed my a eyes a few times at him.  Finally (And I guess he’d just never seen anybody cross their eyes.)  He barked at me! 


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