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Animal Jam!

There’s this totally awesome game called Animal Jam-(AJ for short!)  It’s a national geographic kids website and its got some science games as well as other games!  There are some pretty cool worlds and you get to be animals!  Plus if your a member like me, you can have way more than two animals and they can have pets!  I took some pictures of  my wolf and dolphin on there!  I have more of course but I didn’t take a picture of all of them.

Here is a picture of my dolphin in one of the ocean worlds.


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17 thoughts on “Animal Jam!

  1. i am a member as well. I went crazy on the first day I got membership. Tee Hee.
    What is your username? Mine is “Direfaolan”

  2. I LOVE ANIMAL JAM I AM ON IT 24/7! I GOT A MEMBERSHIP TOO! My username is paymary99 if you want to request me! 😉

  3. Hi! I love Animal Jam! Its a really cool game! But I think something is wrong. I went to a bunnies only party, and there was this shark swimming around in mid air! It adopted a pet bunny too! And a few days ago, I was at the Atlantis party, and there was a tiger running underwater! It started dancing and playing! What is going on?!

    1. This is very common, it’s a glitch used to go at surface using an ocean animal or goes underwater using a land animal, I was used to do it too when I played aj, though now I don’t play anymore because I’m an adult.

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