Well I’ll get right to business then…

Rango is a puppy that my mom’s friend owns.  It is extremely cute and loves kids a lot!

He is brown and white and I think I heard that he had like leg problems of some kind or another. 😦

His owners just bought him this cute little Collar with bones and stuff on it and makes Jake bark like crazy when you take him outside with you!

Rango is a Shitzu puppy which if you look it up-somebody has a ridiculous picture of their Shitzu that they’ve jelled its hair and it looks like Chubaca off of Starwars!

By the way I don’t know if I spelled Shitzu or Chubaca correctly.

Last thing is a dog breeders fact.  A boy Canine is called a Dog and a girl Canine is called a bitch.  (The only thing is that’s a bad word and only dog breeders call a female dog that.)                                                                   This is Rango at the age of five weeks so he was a lot smaller back then!

Well here’s more of Rango at his five week old age!  I don’t have pictures of him any older.


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