Furry Christmas!! :D!

So whats up ya’ll?!

We’ve spent like the whole day preparing for our family to come over tonight! :D!

Every year our family hosts a get together on Christmas eve and we give each other presents and eat and stuff.  It’s normally held at my aunt’s house.  We used to do it at my great aunt’s house but my uncle James is allergic to cats and so is my brother and she just so happens to own some cats! 😦

But her cats are really cute and our named Sam, Sealy and king! (King was my cat entail we figured out about my brother being allergic to cats.)

Well this year my aunt is going to church to sing so we’re hosting it at our house!!! (This is our first time hosting it at our house beleive it or not! 😀 )


ok I’m back!

A lady at our church made us some little Santa Claus bottles with chocolate inside and we were opening them!  There is one for each kid and the chocolate is really good!

Also I have a surprise to give to my mom (and one for my dad!)  It is so cool!  I made them myself and also made something for my Papa Griffin! His name reminds me of those mythical creatures called griffins!

So I made a joke and dedicated a book with griffins in it to him.  😉

What’s also funny is my brothers were watching the Wonder pets save the baby griffin and there was one on there that they called Grandpa Griffin!  But We’re not talking about my grandpa of course!…..

(Yeah I know I’m using a lot of exclamations!) 😀



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