You Need A Paw There Bud?

Have you ever seen a dog shake?  I mean like, “actually” shake?  Not like how they shake their fur really hard to get all the dirt, grass, water ext. out of it.  When they do that that is the doggy remix of I whip My “Fur” Back And Forth!  😀

(Yeah I know that isn’t actually that funny, so sorry for that! :)! )

But anyways-

So have you ever seen a dog Shake his or her paw with your hand?  If you just so happen to be the proud owner of a rambunctious pooch, can your dog do it?  Well my dog can!

Look I’m very sorry if that makes me sound like a total show off who’s always throwing fake smiles saying stuff like-

“Well my dog can!”

“Well I know how to make a Tye Die T-shirt!”

“Well My hamster can run 60 miles per hour on his wheel!”

So yeah I’m sorry!  (Although that last one sounded a little unlikely.  Plus I don’t even have a hamster.)  🙂

Man I keep branching off to different subjects like some kind of wayward oak tree!  (See how my mind wonders?  I mean in case you haven’t “already seen that, that is. 😉 )

So anyways…

My dad taught Jake how to shake his paw with people!  It’s so cool!  Like I showed mom when we let Jake in.  I said “hey mom look.-  Jake, shake?!”  So he lifted his paw I shook it he got his treat and mom said- “awww!”  And everyone went away happy! 🙂

No big deal really.  But because of how much I rambled about stuff, if I knew how to make an embarrassed face on here there would be a face with a crooked grimace and bright red cheeks at the end of this post  for sure!

Instead since I cannot, here is what will replace it-

:)!  Bye!


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