Furry Feline Friends


Well Cloudpaw is a pretty cat with thick, long fur.

His belly is white and so are his paws as well as his face.  He has yellow eyes and I think he lives across a busy road.

I don’t know his real name but one of our neighbors calls him Fluffy and we call him Cloudpaw.

Another cat that comes around is a soft, short furred gray cat with white paws.  We call him Ashfur.-


Also my great aunt currently has three cats.  A soft, thick furred black she-cat named Seally.  Seally’s brother is a short furred black cat with a bit of a temper named Sam.  And one that we used to own who is a rare breed called a Snowshoe is named King.

Feline Fact:

Cats are very acrobatic.  Because of this they can twist and turn in midair and land on their paws.

I’ve heard that they always land on their paws, having not seen a land on it’s back myself I’m quite ready to believe that!  Apparently cats who fall from high things like buildings suffer less of a shock then cats who fall from fences and such.  from what I’ve heard this is because when a cat falls from an apartment building it has time to prepare before it lands.

It spreads its arms out thus helping it to slow down a bit and land a “bit” better.  Plus when falling from a high height that does give them more time to turn around in midair.

It’s just that for even a human an apartment building or something is such a high place to start your fall…

I’m not ‘so’ sure about this.


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