Attack Of The Vampire Dog!

The supposed “attack” of the vampire dog that the title clearly says.  Well that’s not actually true…

There is definitely no  “attack” in this post at all.  Truthfully it’s just some freakishly weird pictures of my dog with the flash on.  So I know hat this post is really short.

This would be partly because I’m writing a new book and partly because I’m being lay.  (mostly because I’m being lazy I guess.)

Oh- and I’m sorry that I haven’t written on here in a few days!–

Yeah, and I know that the last pic is just a photo I took of a painting in an art museum, that has nothing to do with vampires! 😉



4 responses to “Attack Of The Vampire Dog!

  1. Hi! It’s Erik (This Kid Reviews Books). Thanks for telling me about your blog. I am following it now. It;s nice to know other kid bloggers. OH – and the eyes of your dog in the pictures are freaky.

  2. Hi Eric! 😀
    Glad to see that you’re following me. And yeah Jake’s eyes look pretty freaky! It’s good to know another kid blogger like you as well! 🙂
    You are obviously a HUGE bookworm!
    Well I also REALLY like reading too!
    I like reading so much that I figured out like writing just as much! (if not more.)
    So I published an E-book called The War Of The Split Hoofed And Winged! 😀

  3. Jake’s eyes are actually a light brown color. But at nighttime I took a few pics of him with the flash on and you can see the results!
    And beleive it or not, but the two first pics where he’s on my bed were taken with my bedroom light off. It’s just that the flash lit up the room when I took the pic.

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