1st Chapter Of the Book I’m Writing For The Bookathon.

So this is the first chapter of my book called Emily Flameheart.

Chapter 1

Emily Flameheart shook her head to clear the crackling, hissing noises that were filling her ears away.  But it still went on.  She shuddered as she looked around for the source of the noise.  But nothing was there…

The noise went on and it was then that she noticed it was coming from underneath her.  Looking down her heart skipped a beat as she took in the fact that her pants and shoes were on fire!

She jumped around yelling and screaming as the flames crept up her pants to her shirt.

What was that method that would put it out?  Roll Drop Stop?  Stop Roll Drop?  Then her mind clicked and she remembered Stop Drop and Roll.

She fell on the floor and rolled around as hard and fast as she could.  Finally she stopped.  Her pants were singed and blackened in many places but otherwise were fine.  So why did she still hear the crackling of a fire?

Looking up from her pants she saw a wall of flames “carpeting” the carpet!  “YAHH!”  She yelled as she flung herself at the door and wriggled uselessly at the handle.

Why did the stupid door have to lock from the outside?!

Rushing over to a window she unlocked it, flung it open, ripped the screen away and tumbled headfirst outside into a hedge.

Spitting out a leaf she got to her feet and tried to run out of the yard.  But she couldn’t go any farther.  She was being drawn back to the house, closer, closer, closer.  By now the flames were only about a foot away, eating away at the wood and ready to cook her alive.  She let out one last desperate scream that caught in her throat from the smoke…

Sitting up she breathed heavily as she tried to struggle away from the fire.

But wait… There was no fire and there was no scorching heat.

It had all been a dream!  And thank goodness too.

Emily shook her head once more and sighed.  She’d been having weird dreams for weeks now.  It was the beginning of summer vacation, couldn’t she enjoy it?!

Emily stretched and yawned with her eyes shut.  Rubbing her eyes she looked around her sleepily.  About to get up out of bed she stopped short and froze.

The thing was—she was already out of bed!  She was as a matter of fact, up on her ceiling!

She would have yelled for help if didn’t seem like her throat was closed up from the shock of being up on her ceiling.  Finally she was able to pull her eyes away from the view of looking down on her room and instead worked on how she was even up there.

Her arms and legs were splayed out on the ceiling as well as her fingers as she sat perched up there like spider man.  How in the world was she staying up there?!  There was no rope holding her up or any supports of any kind.

She opened her mouth to let out a scream, but strained to hold it back.  Now was not the time to panic, not the time to panic, not the time to—“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!”  She screamed her very heart out for her mother, father, even her little brother Matt to just come!

But oddly enough nobody came to her rescue as she screamed from the top of her room.  Suddenly like a weight being put down on her shoulders she fell to the floor and sticking her arms out in front of her rolled into her dresser.

The dresser tottered and tittered and with one last groan fell to the floor on top of her.  Waking up and finding yourself up on your ceiling wasn’t a pleasant experience.  But waking up on your ceiling and having your breath knocked out of you wasn’t what she’d prefer happen either.  So when some underwear fell out of an open dresser drawer and onto her face to hang on her nose made her almost burst into tears.

But now wasn’t the time to cry just like she shouldn’t have panicked.  Squeezing herself out from under the dresser she rubbed her bruised arms and belly before slowly hauling her dresser up back on its feet and putting the underwear on her nose back into it.

Standing in the middle of the room she let out a long sigh as warm summer morning air blew through her window and into her face.  Things were getting really weird.

She burst out into the hall of her apartment and rushed into the kitchen to find her parents.  But nothing was there but a note on the table to the side.  Picking it up she read-

Dear Emily.

                                   We’re sorry that we that we had to leave you

                                  this early in the morning but we were called

                                 off to California on a fossil hunt!  We’ve taken

                                 Matt and left plenty of food for you to snack on

                                 before the baby sitter gets here.  You’re 11 years old

                                 and we hope you can take care of yourself till then!

                                Hugs and kisses-

                               Mom, dad and Matt!


So her parents the archaeologists had finally found work!  This was good since they hadn’t gotten any for at least three months.  But at the moment she really needed to tell them about her ceiling predicament!

So they were gone.  Just great and she was on her own alone in an apartment building in Newyork for who knew how along until the baby sitter got here!

Noticing a twenty dollar bill stuck to the letter she ripped it off and crammed it in her pocket.

Opening a cabinet she pulled out a box of Rice Crispies poured herself a bowl of them before sitting down at the small round table.  She had only just started eating when a knock sounded at the door.  Was it the baby sitter?

Getting up she slowly turned the brass knob and opened the door that led out into the hallways of numbered doors.

Outside stood a tall balding man with a small beard and hair so dark brown it looked almost black.  Atop his head was perched a tall blue felt hat with stars on it and a drooping end like what kids wore when they dressed up like witches for Halloween.

“Is this apartment number 59?”  He asked in a deep voice and a glance over her shoulder of his dark blue eyes.

“Um- yes sir,” she said.

“Are you perhaps the baby sitter?”  She asked a little worriedly.

“Yes I am if you are Emily Flameheart that is,” he replied in his deep voice.

Emily nearly jumped in surprise.  This man was her baby sitter?  She was going to spend the summer with some random dude picked off of the streets?  Why wasn’t Miss Pansy from downstairs watching her like she normally did?!

As if he’d heard her thoughts the odd man said- “Oh don’t worry your other baby sitter is down with the flu that’s all.”

She nodded uncertainly but asked one more question before letting him in.  “What’s your name?”

The man chuckled and said- Quite reluctant to let a stranger in hm?  You could join the CSI if you keep up the good work!  But I understand of course that you’d be worried.

My name is Professor L. Hudson and dearing the school year I work as a teacher.”  He finished with a wave of his odd hat and a pompous tilt of his head.

Emily would have said no if she wasn’t afraid of spending the summer alone.  What would become of her if she did so?  Trying to suppress a shiver at the thought she moved out of the way to let L. Hudson stride in on his long legs.

“L. Hudson?” she began but was cut off shortly by Hudson.

“You can call me Mr. Hudson or Mr. Lester if you’d please,” he prompted.

“Er- yes ok.  But please Mr. Hudson can you please tell me why my parents didn’t bring me along with them?”  She asked earnestly as she slowly closed the door.

“Because you see—I um have something important to tell them that just can’t wait.”  She said trying choosing her words carefully.

“Hmm- you could write to them.”  Suggested Mr. Hudson as he pulled lightly at his wispy beard.

“No can’t I just call them?”  She said now very desperate.

It was quite obvious that Lester could tell she was getting so desperate because when he spoke his voice was roughly edged with pity.  “Your parents are on a plane to California right now so you can’t call them.”

Emily strained back an exasperated sniff and instead nodding quickly went to her room.

She paused in her doorway.  If she went in would she float to the ceiling again or something?  After a moment longer she stepped into her room and held her breath.  But to her relief nothing happened.  Crossing her room to her desk she pulled out a piece of writing paper and grabbing a pencil was about to write when something came to mind. – She didn’t know the address of the place her parents were going.

Why didn’t they leave more information?  She though exasperated and now rather cross as well.

Hudson knocked on her door and trying to hide her grimace she crossed the room and opened her door.

“Would you like some eggs?”  He asked.

Emily shook her head.  “No thank you, I already had breakfast,” she said before closing the door.

Emily stood still for a moment her hand resting on the handle.  Finally with a sigh she threw herself onto her bed and curling up slowly nodded off to sleep.  But just before she was completely asleep-

                                 Why does my summer have to be like this?



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