Chapter 2 Of Emily Flameheart

Chapter 2

Emily Flameheart yawning rubbed her eyes sleepily before stretching her arms over her head.  She looked around at her room- everything was organized and well suited to her tastes like she liked it.  It looked so cheery with the sunlight filtering through the window and her pet tortoise munching on his lettuce.

All that had happened… It had been another one of those nightmares hadn’t it?  Of course it was.  It had to be.  Her parents were probably reading in the living room or on their computers.  And Matt?  Well he was probably playing with legos or action figures in his room of course!

Getting out of bed she opened the door and walked out into the living room.  Nobody was there.  Hmm her parents must be on their computers or outside on the balcony to enjoy the afternoon sun.

No noise came from her brother’s room either.  Weird that he hadn’t jumped on her bed or sprayed water in her face while she was napping.  She opened her brother’s door and peered in.  Matt wasn’t there… Odd.

If mom or dad wasn’t then maybe he was on the computer?  He wasn’t one to go out on the balcony.

Belly rumbling she walked to the kitchen, nobody there.  Making a PB and J sandwich she sat down and ate every last crumb only now realizing her hunger.

With a contented sigh she got up and froze…On the table, was a note.

“No!”  She muttered and snatching it up- read.

Dear Miss Emily Flameheart.

                               I’ve gone out for awhile to get some things I think

                              might interest you.  Will be back very soon.

                              L. Hudson.

Was this a dream?!  She certainly hoped so!  Because if this wasn’t…

Then she could not believe she’d been left two notes in one day!  She tucked the small slip of paper in her pocket and walked out on the balcony.  Her parents weren’t there…

Neither were they in their room or any others.

It hadn’t been a dream.  They’d actually left.  Left her…

Why couldn’t they have taken her too?!  Or at least explain to her to her why?!  Her grief and fear was now mixed with a bubbling rage.  But she shouldn’t be mad.  Not at her parents.

Right now she should focus on Professor Hudson.  He seemed nice enough and she had nothing really against him.  It was just that she was going to be spending the summer with him and nobody else.  There were not any other kids in her apartment building to spend time with.

Just then Professor Hudson strode in and plopped a small bag on the table.  Emily stared at it.  It was moving.  Professor Hudson was looking quite pleased with himself as she stared dumbfounded at the moving brown leather bag.

“As I said in my letter.  I went and got some things that will probably interest you,” he said promptly.

Moving her hand towards the bag she held her breath and quickly wrenched it open.  A black oval shaped object hopped out and rolled around on the tabletop.  Emily jumped in her seat nearly sending it across the room and into the side of the sink.

The black oval rolled to the edge of the table and tottered before completely falling off.  Leaping forward she swiped her arms at it and flinched as it spun towards her face.  But nothing happened.

She opened her eyes.  The oval was clutched in her hand and below her was Professor Hudson whose smile had widened greatly as he stared up at her.  Up at her!  She was up on the ceiling again, only this time in front of a one man audience.

Professor Hudson blamed up at her with yellowish teeth that probably hadn’t been brushed yet that day.  “I knew it!  Ah yes I just knew it!”  The professor said triumphantly.

By now the blood was rushing to Emily’s head and she was feeling quite hot as she stared down at him while holding the oval that she now realized to be a giant egg.  If she could stand up on the ceiling, than could she walk down it?

Bracing herself for a fall to the hard kitchen floor she took a step toward the wall.  She sighed in a heavy relief when she didn’t fall and get a concussion or something.  Taking another step she descended down the wall and onto the floor.

Still not sure what was going on she turned to look at the still beaming Professor Hudson.  After a short moment the professor said- “I just knew it all along!  Ha ha, the headmaster will be so pleased!”

“About what?!”  She huffed her face reddening.

“Well what do you think?  You’re a wizard of course!”  He exclaimed while she just stared at him.

“Me?!  I’m not a wizard are you nuts!!!!”  She yelled at him in frustration.

But the professor hardly flinched, and without answering pulled a long slim stick out of the bag.  Handing the stick to her he sat down at the table and waited… But for what?  She sighed and stick in hand waved her arms in frustration.  Instantly a silver spark shot from its thin tip and shot across the room to vanish in thin air just before it hit the door.

The smooth stick had become warm in her hand but yet it felt cold at the same time…  “What is this?”  She whispered quietly as she rolled the stick around in her hand.

It seemed to fit perfectly in her palm, roll smoothly through her fingers, and hold steady when she grasped it.  Just like it had been made for her.  She stared at it in wonder.  What was it?

Once again as if reading her mind Professor Hudson answered her thoughts.

“That which you hold is a wand.  I went to Beatle’s Wand Shop and had it made for you last night.  I don’t know much about you but wands will fit to a wizard for certain reasons.  For instance, the shampoo in your bathroom is made to smell like a Eucalyptus tree.

So does an air freshener in your room and your sheets have pictures of Eucalyptus leaves on them.  It’s quite obvious what your favorite tree is.

So I had it made out of Eucalyptus wood with werewolf fur inside its core to fuel the magic.  As for the egg,” he said nodding towards the black, football sized egg she had clutched tightly in the crook of her arm.

“It’s a dragon egg.  Part of being a wizard is learning responsibility, so what better than to be responsible of a magical creature!”  He finished.

Emily just stared unbelievingly at the egg and the wand, then at Professor Hudson.  Egg, wand, Professor Hudson.  Egg, wand, Professor Hudson.  This went on until a rough crack caught her attention.

It was coming from the egg…

There was a crack in the hard black surface as she carefully set it down on the table.  Another crack formed branching from the first and spreading all over the side of the egg.  There was a loud snapping sound and with a few scrapes at the egg a small head poked through.

The head was small, with a long spiked neck and tough black scales all over.  Its little nostrils flared and spurted smoke as the little dragon coughed up some ash.  Another push and a leg was through, soon followed by another, and another and then finally the last one.  A tail poked through and then with a mighty shove the whole egg shell shattered…



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