Chapter 3 Of Emily Flameheart

Chapter 3

Staring at the remaining pieces of eggshell that lay on the table Emily Flameheart’s jaw dropped in astonishment.  In the center of the table with a piece of egg sack clinging to its left nostril sat a small dragon the size of a football.  It had tiny black scales all over it and a thin fuzzy substance enveloped its wings.  Its talons were each about the length of her thumb and so were the sharp metallic colored spikes running down its spine.  The little newly hatched dragon sneezed, causing the piece of egg sack on its nose to go up in a cloud of smoke.

Emily looked around for the Professor to realize that he’d left the room.  “Emily!  Just follow my instructions,” called the professor from the next room.

“Touch your wand to the dragon’s chest and say Sum Tuo Dominus,” instructed Hudson.

“What is that supposed to mean exactly?”  She said loud enough for him to hear.

It’s a Latin spell you have to put on the dragon so that it knows you’re its master.  Sum Tuo Dominus means ‘I am your master’.”  He finished.

Emily ran the words through her head.  Sum Tuo Dominus, Sum Tuo Dominus.  Huh.  Well she didn’t know if this crazy spell thing would work but she could certainly say the words.

Pointing the wand at the black hatchlings scaly chest she said “Sum Tuo Dominus.”  Nothing happened.

“Say it loud and clear Emily,” called Professor Hudson.

Sum Tuo Dominus!  She said and a gold spark shot from her wand tip and into the dragon’s scaled chest.

The hatchling flinched and shuttered as the spell passed through its little body.  But then it straightened up and stared up at Emily now with new recognition.

Professor Hudson walked into the room with a smile placed upon his face.  Looking at Emily’s own bewildered slightly annoyed face he began to explain.  “I had to leave the room while the bond between you and your dragon was made.  We wouldn’t me in the bond with you and your pet would we?”  He said.

Emily nodded, acting like she understood more than she actually did.  “There’s a smart gal eh?”  He nodded back.

Emily stared at the little dragon and the dragon stared back, an earnest gleam in its eye.  It tapped its tail against the wood and cocked its head.  “Erm- what do I do now?”  She asked with a glance at Professor Hudson.

“Your dragon is waiting to be named,” he answered promptly.

Emily thought for a moment.  What should she name a black dragon?  “What kind is he?”  She asked.

“A German Hooked Tooth,” he answered.  “It was shipped only last week, just in time for hatching!  It’s best for the wizard to be there when the dragon hatches and to declare mastership and name them at a very early age.  That way the dragon will listen to you better later on.”  He explained dryly, obviously becoming a bit inpatient.

She cocked her own head to match the way her dragon was as she thought.  Smokey?  Scales?  Perhaps she could name him after dragons from movies like Toothless?  No, Toothless wouldn’t fit, she thought as her dragon yawned to reveal a mouthful of hooked fangs.

Flame?  Fire?  Maybe dragons from books she’d read like Spitfyre or Norbert?  No…

Suddenly her dragon coughed, sending a small flare of fire through the air to singe the hem of her shirt.  Flare!  That was it- she would name her dragon Flare!

“His name is-“she began turning to Hudson.

“No, no!”  He interrupted quickly, then hastily said.  “Don’t tell it to me; tell it to your dragon!  Look directly into his eyes and tell him his name.”  He said.

Emily nodded, her cheeks turning a light shade of red.  Turning to her dragon she looked directly into his eyes.  When he looked back she said- “Your name is Flare,” in the clearest voice she could manage.

Flare flapped his little fuzz covered wings and fluttered uneasily into the air.  She caught him as he started to fall and felt her fingers close around soft leathery scales.  “He’s soft, and his wings are all fuzzy,” she murmered as she stroked his soft wings.

“Yes but by tomorrow his scales will have hardened.  Perhaps within a month or so his wings will have lost their hatchling fuzz and he’ll be able to fly.”  He chirped.

Emily carried Flare to her room and dumped him on her bed.  Just then a book levitated into her room and fell on top of Flare.  “You’ll need that!”  Called the professor.

Flare gave an angry hiss and scrambling out from underneath the book sank his little hooked fangs into the books binder.  “Hey stop that!”  She grunted.

Grabbing the book she pulled while Flare tugged his sharp edged teeth still well into the side of the book.  Finally his mouth popped open and she snatched the boom up.  The thick leather binder now had a set of fang marks going into the black leather surface as she read.  The Book Of Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Raising And Taking Care Of Dragons.  She sighed.  Great, she was going to be studying in the summer about how to take care of dragons.

On another note, Flare was staring up at her with large, orange, puppy dog eyes that were pretty cute.  Picking him up she cleared out a dresser drawer and set him in it.  He snuffled around a bit with his claws scraping against the dresser.

She walked over to her desk and plopped down in it with her eyes closed.  What would her parents think if they knew what was going on?  A small scraping, snorting sound alerted her attention.

Flare was climbing out of the dresser drawer.  Falling to the ground with a plop he ambled over to her and shoved his head under her hand.  Stroking his head she picked him up and carefully set him in her lap.

He snorted happily and curling under one wing he closed his florescent, flame colored orange eyes.

Trying not to prick herself on his spines Emily rested her hand on his warm, scaly back.

Why was he so warm, weren’t all reptiles cold blooded?  Or was it because he could breathe fire?  Was he a pet for life?  How big would he get- as big as her apartment building?!

Emily shook her head.  So many questions and so little answers—maybe she should start reading the dragon book with the ridiculously long title now.


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  1. All of the chapters are so great Jack! 😀 I look foward to reading on! I didn’t expect her to be a wizard…..Really cool! 😀 😀 😀

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