Chapter 4 Of Emily Flameheart

Chapter 4

The Book Of Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Raising And Taking Care Of Dragons.

 How To Deal With Young Dragons

Young dragons are feisty and short tempered at their young age.  When so young they are harder to cooperate with than normal and may snap at you from time to time.  This is the time to teach them obedience.

Here is a list of what your dragon needs to learn if you want him to cooperate better in the future:

1. Sit.

2. Lay down.

3. Be still and be silent.


Remember to always make eye contact with your dragon when giving a command.  If your dragon is taught obedience and once it matures it is possible that there doesn’t have to be eye contact when given a command.

If your dragon is not listening to you for a long period of time when it normally does.  Then check for signs of deafness or see if you have upset your dragon in some way that it won’t follow your commands.

Learn more about your dragon’s reactions to certain things and how to act when this happens on page 2.

For now remember to teach your dragon what the word ‘no’ means and what’s ok to do and what’s not.


Emily Flameheart shut The Book Of Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About Raising And Taking Care Of Dragons and sighed irritably.  It had been three days since Flare had hatched and he was already trashing the house.

Just then Flare bounded in on his stumpy little legs with his forked tongue lolling out of his mouth.  He made a loud grunting noise and settling himself by her chair began to gnaw on one of the legs vigorously.

She reached down and snapped her fingers for him to look at her but all he did was glance her way and keep gnawing on the leg of her chair.

Snapping her fingers again he looked over at her and stopped chewing.  “Flare…Sit down.”  She commanded.

Flare stared for a moment before continuing to chew.  She knew that Flare wasn’t deaf.  And she had done almost nothing with him since he’d hatched but feed him.  So how could she have hurt his feelings already?

“Try speaking to him in his home language,” called Professor Hudson as he walked past her door.

His home language?

The name German Hooked Tooth ran through her mind as she went over the idea.  Like speaking in German?  Well she could do that actually.

She’d learned some German in the 5th grade.

“Flackern Sie sprechen Deutsch?”  (Translation: “Flare do you speak German?”)

The young dragon stopped his chewing and gazed up at her with a look of clear astonishment at hearing something he could understand.

“Ja! Aber ich habe nicht gewusst, dass Sie könnten!”  He answered excitedly.  (Translation: “Yes!  But I did not know you could!”)

Emily nodded, a smile spreading across her face as finally she could really communicate with her pet.

“Ja- Schließlich wir reden!”  She began but was cut off by Flare.  (Translation: Yes!  Finally we talk!”)

Flare began to speak rapidly in German with his tail lashing wildly.

“Ch kann beleive nicht, den wir uns verstehen! Ich habe so viele Dinge, zu fragen. Für Starter was ist jenes Rohr des weißen Stoffs Sie stellen auf einen Stock und schrubben Ihren Mund mit?”  He said so fast that she didn’t have time to understand what he’d said.

But Flare just kept on talking, not giving her a chance to talk herself.

„Und warum verbrennen Menschen ihre Speise, bevor sie es essen, wenn sie nicht sogar Atemfeuer können? Warum essen sie es roh nicht nur“?  He said hurriedly his lips moving so quickly to form his words that Emily had to blink.

Emily sighed and closed her eyes as her dragon chattered on and on and on…

She’d tried to communicate with him and only learned that he was a chatter box!!

At least she could talk to him now.  She looked at her watch; it was 9:00pm.  “Time for bed,” she yawned and too tired to change clothes crawled under the covers.

Flare hopped into his dresser drawer that was lined with a blanket to serve as his bed and yawned as well.  She closed her eyes- maybe he would be quite and go to sleep.

Wrong.  He kept chattering to himself rapidly in German.

She covered her head with her pillow and drawing up the sheets yelled.  “Leuchtsignal schläft wird Sie ein??!”  (Translation: “Flare go to sleep will you?!”)

Instantly Flare’s chatter stopped and he snapped his scaly mouth shut.  Curling under his wing he yawned again and began his normal routine of snoring and waving his tail while he slept.

It was going to be a long night.

Authors Note:  Sorry that this one was shorter!





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  1. Yeah he’s pretty darn goofy! I think that I might have like overwritten about him or something. I mean like put most of the attention on Flare being goofy instead of the real point of the story.

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