Chapter 5 Of Emily Flameheart

Chapter 5

Emily Flameheart sat at the kitchen table eating scrambled eggs when Professor Hudson strode in.  “Morning Emily,” the professor declared with an excited gleam in his eye.

What was with Mr. Hudson?  He had quite an excited air about him this morning.

Getting up she cleared the remaining of her eggs into a silver bowl marked with the letter F in a fancy scroll.  Reaching into a kitchen cabinet she drew out a can of shredded chicken and dumped it in there as well.  Banging on the now empty chicken can with a spoon she yelled- “Flare!  Breakfast!”

Flare came skidding through the kitchen door his claws slipping and sliding against the smooth tiling.  Steadying himself against a cabinet he took one bound and dove headfirst on top of his food bowl, sending flecks of scrambled eggs and chicken in various places.  He stood up, his belly lightly covered with shredded chicken and sticking his scaly snout into the food began to lap it up greedily with his long forked tongue.

Emily gave an annoyed grunt and drummed her fingers on the table top as Flare snorted several times into his food.

It was now the end of July- almost three months since she’d gotten Flare.  Dearing these months he’d grown to be twice the size he’d been when he hatched.  Making him at least a foot and a half taller and a much more ravenous appetite!

Emily looked up as Professor Hudson seated himself at the table with a small pamphlet in his hand.  Glancing at the pamphlet she was about to speak when Professor Hudson declared- “Emily I’d like to talk to you for a moment.”

Emily blinked.  What did the Professor want with her?

Unfolding the pamphlet he began.  “Now Emily.  You do understand why I haven’t been letting you use your wand in the last couple of months don’t you?”

Emily wrinkled her brows.  It had been odd that she’d been told to put her wand somewhere safe and to not mess with it.  (But then again she had accidently turned the professor into a statue dearing June.)  She nodded.

“Right, because you don’t know how to use it!  But that’s why you have to switch schools this school year.”  He said.

Emily’s jaw dropped.  Switch schools?  What was the professor trying to get at?!

Noticing her expression the professor went on.  “An untrained wizard can cause a large variety of problems Emily.  So those who are wizards are sent to special schools to be taught how to use and control their special talents.  The closest school that will take you in is an ancient school called Griffinwing.  It is one of the most famous and oldest schools known by the magical world.  Just read this-“He said placing the pamphlet in front of her.

Emily picked it up and began to read.


Griffinwing is a school open to all magically endowed and any magical creatures.  We house many creatures and people of shapes and sizes.  Such as Centaurs, Wizards, Werewolves, Shape shifters and even vampires!

The Griffinwing staff-


Emily stared open mouthed and wide eyed at the professor.  “You actually expect me to go to a school with Vampires and Werewolves?”  She said unbelievingly.

“Well, yes obviously.”  Answered Professor Hudson.  “I work as Shifting Teacher at Griffinwing!”  He said.

Emily’s eyes and mouth widened to form three perfectly round moons.  “B-but- what about my parents?  I mean do they know, is it ok?”  She asked anxiously.

“Ah don’t worry your parents know.  You’ll be leaving for Griffinwing in three days, so you have a lot of packing to do.”  He answered before getting up and striding away from table.

She shut her mouth and stared at her hands in her lap in shock.  She wouldn’t miss anything from her old school Buttercup Elementary.  She was moving up to Middle school anyways.  A German accent suddenly brought her back to earth.

„Warum so traurig? Mich und Sie gehen zu einem neuen Ort“!  Spoke Flare as he swallowed the last bite of his breakfast.  (Translation: “Why so sad?  Me and you are going to a new place!”)

Emily looked down at Flare as he swiped his forked tongue around his scaled lips and smiled weakly.

„Ja haben Sie Recht. Ich sollte mein Wischen um sollte nicht ich aufhalten“?  Emily answered.    (“Yeah you’re right.  I should stop moping around shouldn’t I?”)

„Ja Sie sollten“.  Flare said with a smoky giggle.  (“Yes you should.”)

Emily nodded and grinning went to her room to begin her packing.  Flare waddled after her, his long spiked tail dragging against the ground and his talons clicking against the floor as they both went to pack.  Even if he set her clothes on fire (which he did eventually do.)  He was going to go help his master.



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