Chapter 6 Of Emily Flameheart

Chapter 6

Emily stood near the door with her many suitcases and Flare’s kennel next to her in a large heap.  Flare was gnawing at the wire door of his kennel in frustration; he didn’t like being locked up in his carrier.

Professor Hudson walked in with the Ridgeway pamphlet in his hand.  Handing it to her he motioned for he opened the door and motioned for them to leave.

Emily walked down the several flights of stairs down to the lobby, had the glass doors opened for her by the doorman and walked out.

Rain was pitter pattering against the sidewalk as she walked down the street in the early NY air.  The professor hailed a taxi and clambering their wet selves in they drove the rest of the way to the airport.  The taxi bumped and skidded along the wet roads the whole 5mls to the airport.  Occasionally having to come to a screeching stop when a car came in front of them on the busy city roads.  The professor was looking a bit green around the gills by the time they were there.  He was obviously used to smoother travel.

When they finally arrived, they shakily clambered out in the now clearing rain and pulling their belongings trudged inside of the airport.  Emily headed to a long line for tickets but a hand clasped itself around her shoulder and reeled her in.  Professor Hudson steered her through the crowd and into a small black topped clearing.

Glancing around he smoothed out his shirt and raising his wand sent a blue spark dancing high into the air.  Instantly more people with trunks and cases trudged out onto the black top and each held out their wands.

There was at least one family gathered around them now.  A girl from the family who was about Emily’s age walked up to her.  The girl was a skinny African American with light brown shoulder length hair hanging in small braids.  “Hello- I’m Nala Archer,” she said lightly in a voice so smooth that it was like the trickling of a stream over a bed of smooth pebbles.

“I’m Emily Flameheart,” Emily replied shyly as she clasped a suitcase in one hand.

“Nice to meet you Emily,” replied Nala who was obviously a very polite person.

Not knowing what else to say to Nala and not wanting to be rude she simply replied.  “Nice to meet you to.”

“I see that you’ll fit in with your classmates just fine,” noted Hudson as Emily smiled warmly at Nala.

“So you’re going to Ridgeway to?”  Whispered Emily questioningly in Nala’s ear as Professor Hudson shook hands with Nala’s father.

“Yes,” replied Nala also in a whisper.  Then continued.

“Why are we whispering?”  Whispered Nala.

Emily giggled and shook her head.  “I don’t know.”  She laughed and both of them broke into soft chuffs of laughter.

Nala’s father, who was a tall burly man pulled out a wand and flicked it in the air to call their attention.  Everyone turned toward him as he began to speak.  “We’re going to go by wand travel to Ridgeway.  So follow my instructions ok?”  He said in a deep voice.

Nala and Emily both slid their wands out from under their sleeves and stood stock still as they were given further instructions.

“Now everybody focus on your wand and think Ridgeway.”  He instructed as they each stared at their wand in turn.

There was a sudden pop and Nala was gone.  She’d vanished in the thin air along with her bags!!

Emily suppressed a scream at the sight of the empty space where seconds before Nala had stood.  But she swallowed her scream and turned to stare at her wand.  Griffinwing…Griffinwing…  Griffinwing…  She thought squinting her eyes as she stared at her wand.

Her wand began to glow faintly and vibrate just as faintly in her hand.  The warm tremors her wand was sending were traveling up her arm and seemed to shake her whole body.  Suddenly she opened her mouth to give a startled scream.  She couldn’t breathe!  But her eyes were glued to her wand, unmoving unwavering.

As she stared fixated on her wand, she felt a small tug on her wand arm.  The tremors were by now growing so strong that they were wracking her whole body violently making her want to shiver, but she couldn’t.

The pull from her wands tip was pulling upwards.  Raising her wand to the pull she finally blinked and was able to breathe again.  Opening her eyes after several blinks she stared down… She was up in the air!

Her hair was whipping about her face as she pointed her wand in front of her going so fast that everything underneath her couldn’t even be seen!  Her breath was stolen from her by the fierce wind as she tried to breathe.

Emily stared underneath her even though it was impossible to see at the speed she was going.  So fast!  But how far was Ridgeway?

Obviously not far off now.  She thought as suddenly a large cloud with a castle on top of it came into view.




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  1. I hurried through this chapter sorry!
    And yeah I know that I didn’t write one yesterday. Sorry bout’ that too. A friend came over for the day so I didn’t write much that day.

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