Chapter 8 of Emily Flameheart


Chapter 8

“Is she awake?”

“I don’t know.”

“What if she’d dead?  She hit that wall pretty hard.”

“How do you know?”

“I saw her through my window while you were unpacking your stuff.”


“Is she breathing?”

“I can’t tell from here.”

“What, are you blind?!”

“No you’re in the way.”



Emily Flameheart snored loudly and shifted in the white sheeted bed.  She could hear two kids talking loudly next her bed about whether she was alive or not.  They sounded younger than her.  A lot younger like 7 or 8.  Their fussing was getting pretty ridiculous to.

“Hey what’s that?!”

“A dragon what else could it be dude?”

“Erm- I knew that the whole time.”

“Oh yeah, I bet you did!”

“Just hush ok?  We’re making it mad!”




Emily grunted and sat up in the bed.  Rubbing her eyes she opened them to see two blonde headed boys of the same age and height.  They stared at her with large shining blue eyes and began to whisper in each other’s ears with an occasional quick glance at her.

“Hi,” she said getting out of the bed and picking up Flare who had been curled up next to her.

The two boys turned towards her and nodding at the same time said.  “Hi!”  Also at the same time.

Emily laughed, these two were pretty ridiculous.  “Are you two twins?”  She asked noting their similar looks and behavior.

“No.”  They said at the same time.

“We just look a lot alike.”  Said one while the other said- “We’re best friends!”

“Huh,” she grunted and shifted Flare in her cradled arms to hold his growing mass better.  He was getting really heavy!

“We like your dragon,” they said pointing at Flare.

Emily looked down at Flare and nearly burst out laughing at the look he wore.  He was glaring evil eyed at the two boys who obviously had practiced talking at the same time together.  He flicked his forked tongue out at them and rolled his orange eyes.  Flare looked up at her obviously thinking.  How long can you put up with them?

Emily laughed but glared back at him with one eyebrow raised.  “Leuchtsignal ist höflichere Zustimmung? Ihres lustigeres als ärgerliches.”  (“Flare be more polite ok?  Their more funny than annoying.”)

Flare grunted then hissed in German rudely.   “Ja sicher, was auch immer.”  (“Yeah sure whatever.”)

Emily sighed but was glad that he was at least cooperating.  “What did he say?”

“What language was that?”  Came two voices.

“He speaks German… And he said- he said- That he really likes the color of your hair.”  She said with a meaningful glance at Flare.

Flare looked away but nodded his head.

The two boys grinned and clapping their hands began to jump up and down on one of the beds.  “Cool!”

“He actually likes our hair?”

“What’s your name?!”  They began to ask making her feel slightly dizzy.

“My name’s Emily, but what are yours?”  She asked.

They stopped jumping and plopped down on the bed to waggle their legs in the air.

“I’m Tommy.”  Said one with a wave of his hand.

“And I’m Chuck.”  Said the other giving a fake bow that made Tommy laugh.

“Um hi Tommy and Chuck,” she said grinning.

They both opened their mouths about to let out another stream of words and questions when a door slammed at the far end of the room.  Footsteps came towards them and a young lady appeared who looked to be about twenty two.

She scowled at them and raising her wand shot a spark of light at their feet that sent them running and yelping out of the room.  “Stay OUT of the girl’s room!”  She bellowed after them her hair mouse brown hair sticking up in all directions.

Turning toward Emily she smoothed out her short skirt.  “Hello I’m sorry for the inconvenience.  I’m Professor Gilmore, Professor Treefrog sent me down to check on you.”  She said curtly.

“I’m fine… Where are the other girls?  If this is the girl’s room shouldn’t they be in here?”  She asked.

Professor Gilmore nodded her head.  “Yes this is the girl room I assure you.  But they are all off at their first class for this semester!”  She said and with that walked out of the room.

Emily stared after her dumbfounded.  Great, Nala was off learning some kind of interesting spell and she was sitting on her but in the girl’s room.  Well that was going to change!

She grabbed a coat and went outside the door after P. Gilmore.  “Professor?”  She called.

Gilmore turned around to look at her.  “Can you please show me where class is?”  She questioned politely.

Gilmore sighed; she was obviously quite an inpatient person and began to lead her to class.

Emily gave a small grin with Flare still clutched tightly in her arms.  “She was finally understanding and sort of enjoying being a wizard!


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