Chapter 9 Of Emily Flameheart

Chapter 9


Professor Gilmore steering her to a door in a long corridor opened it and shoved her in before closing the door behind Emily.

Rude, thought Emily as she smoothed out her wrinkled shirt.

Looking up her heart skipped a bit and she tightened her hold drastically around Flare.  The classroom was HUGE!  It was studded with shimmering gold here and there and crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling.

In the center of the room a large group of students were waving their wands over a pile of… Tree bark?!

A dark colored girl lifted her brown eyes from the pile of bark and looked at Emily.  Nala!

Emily tripped over to her and threw her arms around Nala in an embrace.  Flare fell from her outstretched arms and to the floor with an angry thump.  Glaring up at her he coiled his tail neatly around himself and sniffed unappreciatively.

“Suit yourself,” she snorted and together her and Nala walked over to the pile of tree bark.

“So um- what’s with all the tree bark?”  She asked eying the massive pile of bark in front of her.

“Oh well, we’re supposed to be trying to turn it into Fool’s Gold.”  Answered Nala also staring at the pile.

“Um- ok,” Emily said.

Pulling out her wand she held it at the pile.  “What spell do I use?”  She asked her wand tip still directed at the tree bark pile.

“Aurum,” said Nala curtly.

“Au… Um…  What did you say?”  Stuttered Emily her cheeks reddening.

“Aurum.”  Repeated Nala waving her wand at a small piece of bark which instantly turned into fool’s gold.

“Aurum,” said Emily in as much of a clear voice that she could manage while pointing at the bark.

It didn’t work…

“Aurum!”  She said again this time more loudly.

This time the bark vibrated and slowly turned into what looked like “golden” bark.  Smiling to herself she twirled her wand like a baton.

Heat hit the back of her leg and singed the hem of her pants.  Turning around she saw Flare getting her back for dropping him by angrily burning her pants with short blasts of fire.  “Oh yeah?  Well ya don’t mess with me punk!”  She yelled and threatening to turn him into gold chased him out of the room.



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