Chapter 10 Of Emily Flameheart!

Chapter 10


Opening her eyes she stared around her at the misty landscape all around her.  Breathing in the thick moist air she sighed with a smile forming upon her lips.  Everything around her was so misty and beautiful… And-and dreamy!

Dreamy… could this be a dream?

She blinked—It felt so… unreal… So… Far away….

Emily looked around her but there was nothing but the mist swirling around her eyes fogging her vision.  This was a really weird place for a dream to be set in wasn’t it?  She could hear people’s voices all around her.  Laughing, talking, and even giving loud whoops of laughter.

But then the happy joyful voices changed.  They became harsh, and scornful.  Mocking each other, mean cruel…  She cried out in exasperation when the mist parted and gave way to a scene in front of her.

There was a group of a people seated around a table–a family.  The tall dark haired man at the end looked stern with his brow furrowed while he ate in a solemn silence.  A small boy and girl sat at the other end messing with each other’s hair and sword fighting with spoons.

The dad looked up scornfully and sneering pulled out a wand and sliced it through the air.  A short jet of electricity sliced through the air and hit the small children, making them jerk and shudder.  Whimpering they slunk as deep into their chairs as they could and watched with fearful eyes over the edge of the table at their father.

Emily looked around the table for a mother who might put a stop to the father’s abusive behavior.  But there was no one else there.  Could she be at her job or on an errand?  But no—Emily thought sadly as she noted that there was only as many chairs as there were people in the room right then.  No empty spot to insist that somebody else could join them.  No—Just the stern father with his horrible sneer and the two puppy dog eyed children at the other end of the table.

The fierce eyed father swallowed his last bite of food, grabbed a satchel by the door and left.  Just left his two little kids in the house all alone.  The little girl looked wide eyed around her before slowly eating the rest of her food.

Emily walked up to her and the little boy.  After a moment more of staring at them both she cleared her throat which seemed to have swelled shut.  “Are two ok?”  She asked shakily her throat almost automatically closing up again.

The little girl and boy jumped up at her voice and flinched as if she were about to hit them.  The little boy crawled down underneath the table whimpering while the girl stared at her with eyes so wide they were scary.

The girl was small with straggly mouse brown hair and huge ocean blue eyes.  She had to look up at Emily to see her better.  “Are you two ok?”  Emily repeated looking down at the little girl.

The little girl opened her mouth to speak.  “W-we’re fine miss.  Are d-dad is always like that.”  She replied shakily her large blue eyes growing ever larger.

Emily stared in sadness at the scrawny large eyed young girl who evidently wasn’t so keen about talking to her.

The boy peeked out from underneath the table at her with eyes even bigger than his sister’s and just as ocean blue too.  “Who- who’re you?”  He asked Emily sliding back into his chair.

Emily could see the two young children trembling as she stood before them so much fitter and taller than them.

Just then the door opened….

There in the doorway stood a tall figure with a menacing overhanging of a brow that was furrowed in the exact same way she’d last seen it.  The children’s father strode in and growled at her.  Literally, growled at her.

Raising his wand high above him he prepared to strike her without any question on why she was even there.  She covered herself around the two children so that they didn’t get shot as well as a small streak of lightning soared through the air.

It hit her in the arm and gasping she stumbled over a chair and toppled over.  Yells of   “Help!  Help!  Come help us!!!”  Echoed in her ears as she fell into darkness.

She woke up with a start, her arm throbbing.  Looking around she could see all the other white sheeted beds lined against the walls with sleeping girls still in them.  She sighed and laid back down heavily.  It had been another nightmare than?

She groaned.  Her arm hurt and a bad bruise was placed where the lightning had made its mark.

So now she could actually get hurt and even possibly die in her dreams?!          



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