Chapter 11 Of Emily Flameheart

Emily groaned again and gently rubbed her bruised arm.  Man did being electrocuted hurt!  It happened so fast that she hadn’t known what’d happened.

The children’s last frantic cries echoed in her ears.

“Help!  Help!  Come help us!!!”

She shuddered uncontrollably at the thought of the poor abused children yelling for her to help them.  What about their menacing father trying to kill her and hurt them?  He seemed mean for no reason…

She wiped her hand over eyes when tears began to peek over her eyelids.  She’d never known herself to be so emotional.

What she’d just had—

Well there was something just a little too real about it…

“Hey Emma where’re you going?!”  Shouted a boy named Fred Dork as she walked past.

True to his name, he was the biggest dork that she knew.  Emily yelped as he tread on the back of her foot while walking down the hall behind her.  “No seriously where are you going?”  He asked drawing alongside her.

Emily brushed her long brown bangs away from her face and kept on walking.  “Aw come on Emma this is no time for the Silent Treatment!”  He scoffed loudly in her ear while staring strait ahead she kept on walking down the hall.

“Heeeeeeyyy EMMA!”  He said waving his hand in front of her face.

His waving hand hit her nose and she winced then snarled aggressively.  Stopping she turned toward him and looked into his beady little dark eyes.  Talking slowly and rolling her words to make sure that he heard her, she said sourly.  “Please keep your hand away from my face…And my name is Emma.” 

With that she turned quickly around and walked down the hall with him standing there still staring where she’d just been standing.  Emily groaned.  She knew that she shouldn’t act that way toward him but he could really get on her nerves sometimes!

Rounding the corner she could hear snickering voices coming from where she’d just left Fred in the hallway.  Odd…Unless he was trying to make her feel bad or something.  The snickering kept up and when she heard a desperate annoyed “Ow” she went back.

Fred Dork stood where she’d last seen him- only this time surrounded by a two deep set kids older than he was.  One was poking him making him say “Ow” a lot, while the other kept snickering.

He looked at her desperately and tried to walk past the two kids over toward her.  But one of them grabbed him by the collar and dragged him backwards.  Coughing he yanked away and gave another attempt at running away toward Emily.  But one boy stuck out his leg in his path and tripping over it Fred came crashing to the hard stone floor.

“Hey Dork!  When you gonna quit be ‘in such a dork?”  The first one taunted while twisting Fred’s outstretched arm as he tried to get up.

Emily stood frozen to the floor staring wide eyed at them with her heart beating like Flare’s wings when in flight.  What should she do?  Get a teacher?  Yell as loud as she could?!  No… The closest classroom was two corridors away and by then…..  Yelling at the top of her lungs wasn’t going to work since the teachers were having their lunch break on another side of the castle!

This left her one resort—She cracked her knuckles and took a deep breath.  Was she really about to get herself ripped to pieces for Fred Dork?  Yes she was, she thought almost wishing that she wasn’t so softhearted.

But only bullies and cruel people resisted helping someone like Fred Dork.  And she was not a bully or a cruel person.

Holding her breath she launched forward and sent a punch that met its mark on the boy twisting Fred’s arm’s jaw.  The boy reared backward and scowling at her said while trying to nurse his bruised jaw.  “Look Dork it’s your girlfriend here to rescue you.”

Emily let out her breath and flustered, stood in front of Fred and kicked the boy in the shin.  The brunette headed boy whom she’d just kicked staggered and giving a look that was something between a grimace and a scowl ran off.

The other boy who was blonde headed followed him looking over his back at Emily the whole time.

“See ya later!”  Teased Fred waving his hand goodbye while throwing a fake smile at them.

“Seriously Fred?!  Are you really going to tease them?”  Asked Emily rolling her eyes.

Fred’s simple carefree dorky answer was- “Yup!”

“Well that’s nice,” grumbled Emily.

Just than the sound of several footsteps came from the next hall Emily had been in and pretty much half the teachers stood looking at them.  Noticing that Fred was bruised in several places a teacher spoke up.  “What in the world has been going on?!”  The female teacher asked with her hands placed firmly on her hips.

Fred looked at Emily and Emily looked tat Fred…

Taking a deep breath and throwing a smile as fake as Fred’s had been to the two thug boys- she said.   “Well, nothing accept for that two older boys might have bullied Fred a bit.”

The same female teacher eyed her with one brow raised.  “Might have bullied Fred a little bit?”  She asked obviously wondering the extent of truth to Emily’s oddly smiley story.

“Uh huh, sounds right to me!”  Said Emily nonchalantly as if Fred getting beat up wasn’t bad at all.

By now all the teachers were ether snickering behind hand concealed faces or looking very bewildered about the whole thing.  Fred looked at her with an expression that didn’t show great happiness to her anymore.  So she had tried to act “natural” and yet acting “natural” hadn’t really worked.

Or worked at all….

Giving a phony laugh she waved and turned tail to run down the hall.

Not at all to happy about her predicament but still starting to give half hearted snickers Emily Flameheart rushed around a corner and into.

“Ugh!”  The two boys…

“Oh hi Emily nice to see you!”  Snickered the brunette.

Emily leaped to her feet and backed several feet away from the brunette and blonde headed thugs who were now cracking their knuckles menacingly.  “So you came back eh?”  They said at the same time while slowly advancing toward her.

Emily gulped and suddenly being taken over by a massive wave of fear she stuttered stupidly- “y-you look familiar, have we met before– P-perhaps dearing class?”

The two boys stared at her sneering wickedly.  “Well if you’re so dumb we’ll just introduce ourselves again!”  They sneered sarcastically.

“My name is Jake,” said the brunette.

“And I’m Will,” said the other staring at her intently.

“Yeah Um—Nice to meet you but I’m late for class so bye!”  She yelled and turned to run.

Taking three fast bounds away from the boys she tried to sidestep them around a corner.  Suddenly a heavy wait crashed into her side bowling her over onto the hard floor with a crash louder then when they’d made Fred fall.

She shoved herself upward off the cold stone floor and as fast as she could ran out of sight from Jake and Will.

Shouts of- “After her!”  And “Don’t let her get away!”  Were barked loudly from behind her as she escaped through a classroom door.

Looking around her she saw that her classmates were already there in the room at their seats writing in notebooks.  Plopping down in an empty desk she pulled out her own notebook and began to scrawl messily with a fountain pen that had a small leak.

A sniff came from the desk behind her and Emily turned to see Fred Dork sitting in there.  Looking at her over his propped up notebook he gave a dry-ish grin and mouthed the words- Where were you? 

Emily tore a scrap of lined paper blotched with ink from her notebook and quickly wrote.  Almost lost my head to those boys!

Passing it to Fred he picked it up.  After a sort while he frowned and waving it in front of her asked in a loud whisper.  “What does this supposed to mean?”

This time it was Emily’s turn to frown as she reread what she’d written.  Her leaking fountain pen had spread over some parts so that it now read.  Most ost my boys!

Emily slapped her hand on her face and snorted in brief annoyance.

What a day she was having so far!


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