Do Words Actually Matter?

Trust me, they do!  People who like to read really like words!  I learned as a little kid writing my first book for class in the 1st grade-  Words actually MATTER!

If you use a common word over and over and over again; you’ll get the result of almost everybody gets bored of hearing it.  Even a fancy word used to much can get on your nerves!  Like every single time you described something bad when you wrote.  you only ever wrote “bad,” or “horrifying,”  as your way of describing it.  After awhile pretty much everybody is going to know which words you’ll use for your “dragon” “monster” or whatever it is.

And if you took away some seeming little parts in the story?  You figure out that they aren’t as little after all!  For instance–

Pain.  It’s another word for when you hurt, caused by injury, half the time followed by blood.  Nobody likes it in real life.  But that is why we write about it…

Because it’s real it makes the story more interesting.  Every author probably knows this, and everybody has had pain of some kind and extent from time to time.  I was reluctant about writing my first death scene in the “The War Of The Split Hoofed And Winged.”  For those who have read it you already know what I mean.

I’m a pretty softhearted person.  So that’s why I was a little dubious about writing down the scene of death, no matter how make beleive it was.

There will be more though!  I’ve got to work on it but there will definatly be more! (evil grin).

But I noticed after killing off a character…. I wasn’t sad!  But when I’m the one reading it instead of writing it.  I’m almost in tears some times!  (normally I’m in some quit chair when I read where nobody sees me.)  But it does happen.

And think about this for awhile….

If you took something away from the book, it wouldn’t be as good! 😦

Like if J.K Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series didn’t have pain and romance- she wouldn’t be half as famous as she is now! 😦

That is a reason why words matter. Using many different words to describe something all through out a book.  It makes the reader feel like they are there in the book or the main character themselves! 🙂  Which is why I take such great joy in reading!  And why others do to.  You are sad when a good character dies, triumphant when a war is won, happy when there is joy in the book.  And it’s all because the words are there to make it feel all the more real!


One response to “Do Words Actually Matter?

  1. I know you are only 11 years old, but I’m pretty sure you could pass a college course right now! I enjoyed this very much. Love you, Nonnie

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