Happy Valentines Day! :)

I know that there was a guy named Valentines…But I don’t know why there is a day after him.  Does anybody know?  Or is it just me.  Many say that it’s about love.

If it ever was about love we’ve changed it around greatly.  America’s got it stocked full with Cupids that have heart tipped arrows, heart shaped cards with corny messages  of romance, heart shaped chocolates, cookies, fancy food for lovers on a Valentines date.

When you think Valentines day that’s instantly what your mind turns to.  Hearts, Cupids etc.  In public school kids think of Valentines day like this–

1. Decorate a brown paper bag with Valentines drawings and decor.

2. Stay up late the day before Valentines day to make or buy something for each of your classmates.

3.  Walking into the classroom the following morning put the things you have for each person in all of the bags.  (make sure that there is enough for absolutely everybody and divide it squarely.)

4.  Wait till later when the teacher says so to open your bags!

I have nothing against Valentines Day- just pointing out how America a lot of money by selling heart shaped goodies to people.

Of course we do celebrating of our own…..

    Heart shaped Boiled eggs!

Our mom surprised us with a drink and candy for each of us!  (That’s me in the green shirt.)

This is us snacking on goodies while watching “Lord Of The Rings.”


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