Lord Of The Rings

This has been thought by many before- In “Lord Of The Rings” Gandolph The Gray called up a giant eagle to rescue him.  So many have been wondering something for awhile….  Why didn’t they just fly the giant eagles and drop the ring into Mount Doom before flying back?!

I mean that would have made their job A LOT more easier!  In the book of “The Fellowship Of The Ring” it says something about the matter. In the book the eagles rescue them because Gandolph The Gray had pulled an Arrow from the leaders wing years before.  So I don’t remember to well but I think that they were repaying their debt in rescuing them.

Gandolph didn’t even want Frodo to have to be the one to take the ring and drop it into Mount Doom.  He thought that it was to much of a burden and to much to ask of a Hobbit.  After all Frodo had already brought the ring as far as Rivendell and in the process had been stabbed by a Mordoren blade.

So I was thinking that perhaps Gandolph didn’t want to ask very much of the eagles.  Plus if they rode the eagles then the Orks would probably shoot most of them down and that would just land Gandolph in hot water.  Plus the ironic thing about that would be that he had pulled an arrow from the leaders wing which is why they were their alliances.  So getting like a dozen arrows stuck in the eagles would be ironic after the way he’d first helped out!

(It kinda makes me laugh.)

But what I actually think happened is that the author J.R.R Tolkien probably didn’t want to make it that easy and cut the story short.  Because he had something different in mind anyways.


4 responses to “Lord Of The Rings

  1. Yeah, would it have been as exciting a story if the eagle flew the ring to Mount Doom? Pretty boring, and what kind of dull movie/book would that be?
    I think God has designed our lives like this… if life was easy, it would be boring for us. Instead, we have our own battles that make us run or fight and in the end, we’ll succeed, because that’s what God designed for us to do. Sounds good, right? Yeah — until you’re in the middle of an Orc-fight!

  2. I kind of understand what you mean. But I think it would be better if there weren’t wars and everything was perfect again instead of soooo messed up! 😦 It would be a lot more better that way! 🙂 Plus there wouldn’t be pain and or anything bad so you could pet animals and stuff that would normally be mean to you! And we would be with god (the only reason that it would all be perfect.)

    But when comes to the lord of the rings then what with it being just a movie or book, let’s make it more interesting! 🙂

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