Paxton The Unschooled Gamer

I don’t think that I’ve mentioned Paxton before- but I certainly am now.

Paxton is a 10 year old home schooled kid who has dedicated his blog “The Unschooled Gamer.”  To video games!  Hence his name he is a HUGE gamer.  Even considering a gaming career in fact!

Not only that but from what I’ve read he is really good at what he does.  No I have never met him in real life but from his blog you can already tell that he would make good scores in a career of gaming.

He is a fan of Minecraft and has the game Plants V.S Zombies like I do! 🙂

Author’s Note:  I currently can not figure out how to make a working link.  So you’ll just have to look his blog up yourself if you want to see it.  If so then simply type in this:


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