The Legend Of Zelda

The “Zelda” games take a lot of brain power to play.  In pretty much every single one you have to find the “Master Sword”  And save the princess Zelda from an evil guy named Ganondorf.  I don’t know how many games in the “Zelda” series that there are–I just know that I love ’em.  😀 We have several of them, but here are pictures of my favorite.

                                                                  The Legend Of Zelda And The Twilight Princess

                                        The Legend Of Zelda And The Ocarina Of Time

                                             The Legend Of Zelda And The Windwaker

                              The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword.  (Sorry I couldn’t find one of him actually raising his sword skyward.)

All in all the games rock! 🙂  Ocarina came out back when graphics for video games were more blocky.  But it sort of still looks good.  The funny thing is that when everything was so pixelized and it came out–everybody thought it was really good and that it looked amazing.  Lol.

I got The Twilight Princess for my birthday last year. (November 21st).  I still love it but I’m a little stuck on a certain part.  So I should really start playing it more! 🙂

And “The Windwaker”  Was the first cartoony looking one that they came out with.  It’s pretty funny.  And it was the first Zelda game that I ever played and I actually completed it! 😀

As for “Skyward Sword” it is pretty funny to.  It’s the newest one and the first one where you have to move your Wii remote the way you want your sword to move. (plus various other weapons.)

So yeah I’m a Zelda fan at heart!


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