Have you ever heard or read some of the “Warriors” books?  Well if not I’m going to tell you about it now! 😉

Warriors is written by 4 authors under 1 name.  The reason they all serve under the 1 name is because if you tried to look up their books by authors and found 4 different people you’d get confused!  The name they use is “Erin Hunter”.  And the 4 authors are– Victoria Holmes, Cherith Baldry, Kate Cary and Tui Sutherland.  Together they have published several series of books about the Warrior cats.  They also have a series called Seekers about 4 bears searching for the last great wilderness where humans (known to the bears as Flatfaces and Smoothpelts.)  can’t hunt them.

Both Seekers and Warriors are amazing!  But since I read Warriors first I tend to look forward to it most! 🙂

Rusty is a fiery colored young tomcat who lives with twolegs (humans) as their kittypet.  Rusty keeps having dreams of stalking a mouse in the forest that lies next to his twoleg’s nest. (house.)  But every time he gets about a tailength away from pinning the mouse down and delivering it a killing bite he always wakes up.

But the dreams seem so real!!

One night after being awakened from his dream he goes outside to settle down in the night air.  While perched up on the fence he stares out into the forest in front of his home.  It looks so full of mystery…..

When Rusty gets into the forest he instantly hears something scuffling around and smells something he’s been waiting for!

Almost having the mouse in his grasp he is suddenly confronted by three mysterious forest cats who aren’t very happy about him hunting down their prey.  The leader of them sees how he can fight and asks him to join her clan.  Rusty is unsure so is given the chance to think it over until later the next day.

Does Rusty join the warrior cats in their forest home or stay to be pampered by his twolegs??

Read “Into The Wild” to find out!

And here are the rest of the books.







Want to learn more?  Have any questions you’d like to ask the “Erins?”  Go to  http://warriorcats.com/  To learn more! 😉


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