A Family, a Dog, and a Cat!

In one of my very first posts as a brand new blogger I wrote about going to the Laura S. Walker state park.  You can see that post by clicking HERE.

We went there again today–and just like in my last post, we brought Jake.  And as usual–he LOVED IT.  Our backyard is small–so when he saw all that grassy wooded space, he was revving up and back to hyper speed once more! 😉

I’ve said before that I’m starting to think him part clown.  Well I was wrong–because to be specific, he is part clown, AND part cheetah!You see?  You’ve got a decent nature film taking place right in front of you.

While we were driving there Jake didn’t want to keep still from the very moment he got in the car.  Do you know what being in the very back seats of a car with a bunch of big hula hoops around you–your seat belt tangled in with the hula hoops–and a big black, hairy, smelly, excited dog is like?  If you had been sitting next to me (on the other side of Jake that is) then you would know.

We had a LOT of fun today at the lake!  We went down a trail to these docks and fished off of them.  I think the only person who managed to catch a fish was my dad. 

Of course we let Jake off of the leash once we’d gotten a good ways away from the road.  He raced around and eventually learned how to slip through this bridge and into the water.  And by the way–did I mention that where I live near the Okefenokee Swamp it is very boggy??  Because it absolutely is.  For instance–If you looked over the edge of the docks we were on and saw all the algae and reeds growing in it.  But if you tried to step on it thinking that it was shallow–wrong!  Of course you would only notice that until you had sunk about 5 or  feet down….

Jake didn’t go past the dock, just underneath the walkway and up into the woods.  An with the kind of warm, spring whether that we had today, he is (and so are all of us actually)  that he didn’t meat any of our reptilian friends such s alligators and snakes.  They would have been very unhappy to meet him, just like we would be very unhappy to meet them.  (Well perhaps unhappy is an understatement….)

Look!  It’s a dog fish!!!

After he’d gotten out of the water he decided to get down and dry off the old fashioned way.

By rolling in the dirt of course!

My 7 year old brother learned how to use moms camera.  So he took photos of us hooping.

                                                                                        Here’s one of me swinging it around.

                                                                              And here’s my youngest brother trying it out!

After coming home and the sun going down.  I saw a flash of white outside and thinking it a person went out.  But it was just Ashfur!  Ashfur is a gray cat with white paws and a white chest.  He is soft and LOVES to be pet!  He will sit in your lap for eternity if you let him!


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