Canada–Or Bust!

Guess what?!?!  My family is moving to Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  🙂 😀 🙂 😀

Our new house is going to have an upstairs and a GIANT  backyard!!!! 😀  We’ll be moving in May!  I’ve known that we were going to move for a few months now–but no matter how many times I told myself to post about–I just never did!  :O

Well we’ll be living close to Van Couver (or is that spelled Couvre?)  And I can’t wait to look at our new house!

Of course I’m sad too…Like m0ving away from friends and family–especially my BEST bud named Jenna.  And we have to get rid of all of my pets.  So that means finding a home for a goldfish, box tortoise, minnow, and dog….:( 😥

Well I think my dog Jake might go to live with my Grandpa in the country.  But I’m not sure.  Where on earth I can find a good home for the other 2 is also a problem though!  I’m going to set the minnow free back in the Laura S. Walker lake where I found him.  But I’m more worried about the goldfish and tortoise than am for the minnow.  (To be honest.)


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