Preparations, a Sleepover, and a Giant Cricket!

For moving to Canada–preparations certainly are being made.  My art desk has been bought by somebody else.  My Dresser has been bought by somebody else.  My Goldfish is up for sale.  (what we’ll do with Jake is still unknown.)  And Koopa Troopa my Box Tortoise was bought this morning….

It was like this–My mom calls me into her room yesterday afternoon–says somebody was coming for Koopa Troopa the next morning–and I get sad.  I mean, not very sad.  He’s just a tortoise that I randomly found in our yard like 2 years ago.  Honestly but I was half afraid that I would wake up tomorrow morning and the tortoise would be gone.

But I was on a sleepover, and if you’ve ever been on a sleepover, you’ve probably gone to sleep  really late–and woken up really early.  I’m the kind of person who lays in bed imagining random subjects and forming stories to a breaking point where I can’t even remember what thought they first sprang up from.  That and at a sleepover I just end up doing a dare with somebody that I can stay up until daylight (never works. 😛 )  and I’m just to excited about the previous days events to fall asleep.

So I staid up pretty late even in my bed.  I finally drifted off to sleep after what felt like forever…….

 “Jackson….Hey–Jackson!”  It was the whisper of my friend Jenna’s voice in my ear that woke me up.

I was still blinking and wasn’t actually really awake fully when Jenna started to talk.  She was talking about something she’d seen–but in my half awake-half asleep- state of mind, this is what I heard.

First I vaguely remember her saying to me–“Jackson I thought I saw something–”  and then the rest of her blurred sentence registered in my mind like this–

A man with a gun and a giant cricket!” 

Wait, what?!  A man with a gun and a giant cricket?!

Propping myself on my side with my elbow (we were sleeping on my bedroom floor.)  I was just like.  “What did you see?”

Well it turns out Jenna had woke up and thought she saw a giant cricket or roach crawling on her blanket.  (Thank goodness that wasn’t the case ether though.  I despise roaches.)  She had said nothing about a man with a gun.  (:O)  So that was just my imagination filling things in again.  (This has happened several times I think.)

So not able to get back to sleep, Jenna and me turned on the light and began to talk and read books.  It was morning…..but it was like almost 5 when we woke.  So we staid up until the lady came for my tortoise. 😦  But she knows my great aunt–and we told her what to do and stuff.  So Koopa Troopa should be just fine! 🙂


2 responses to “Preparations, a Sleepover, and a Giant Cricket!

  1. I’m sorry he had to go to a new home! I know that was hard. Having to leave the ones you love even if they are pets is the hardest part about moving. I love you!

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