The Inkspot

I really like Comics and Graphic Novels.  The Graphic Novels I read are Warriors: By Erin Hunter.  and in my opinion–they rock.  But I like to laugh too!  I’ve read whole books of Garfield and have read through two huge volumes of the complete “Far Side” comics by Gary Larsen 3 or 4 times.  I also enjoy “Big Nate” and “Over the Hedge”.

So I also like to draw and write; add these all up together and yes–I have (several times before) tried to do a comic strip in a notebook or two.  Each time burned off after about a week or less…..

But then I thought.  Why not post them on my blog?!  Dude!  That is EXACTLY what I’m gonna try and do! 🙂

Maybe not too often, but I’ll try to post some decent comics.  So here are my first two comics of what I call “The Inkspot”.

                         Wolf quires

                                                                                                                  I like this one better….


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