I’m OK with snakes.  I mean–I like them in the way that their snakes.  like their cool forked tongues that they flick in and out–the way they can climb strait up trees with know legs or arms–they can leap from trees to catch birds and stuff–blend in with their surroundings–be extremely fast–and some can even spray venom from their fangs!

My only problem with them is that, you cannot get up close to one without being bit!  Venomous snakes are worse, but I still don’t feel like getting bit by anything whatsoever.

So today I’m going to be sharing some of my snake stories with you.  And these things really happened to me.

“The Black Snake in the Bush.”

I was sitting out in a chair on the deck with my neighbor.  (She’s a kid not an adult.)  When suddenly we hear several yells and shouts–and with a pounding of feet on concrete her brother and one of my brothers run down the driveway toward us.  her brother (call him AJ.)  Is yelling out of breath at us– “THERE’S A SNAKE IN THE BUSHES!  A SNAKE!  AND IT WAS MOVING SO WE KNOW IT WAS ALIVE!”

We went inside and told my dad.  It turns out my dad had seen this snake in the bushes before.  It’s just a black snake, they aren’t poisonous! 😉

“The Faux Snake.”

This morning I was walking Jake down to the park I normally take him to.  Nothing ever out of the ordinary happens.  Maybe another dog will show up and have some interest in us.  Or maybe Jake will see a cat.  But that’s nothing.

But this morning when I was about 2 blocks away from the park–I stopped 5 feet away from something green and glassy looking that was squirming in the gutter I was walking in.  Jake looked at it, then decided he had better things to do and ignored it.  I on the other hand, was quite alarmed that I was standing around five feet away from a snake.  It might have been at least a foot long if it stretched out, and it had funny markings all over it’s smooth green scales.

I squatted with Jake and just kind of stared at it…I think the few cars that passed by thought it was odd how I appeared to be staring at the ground.

I’m serious in saying that I thought this was a snake.  So I went around it and just went along my way to the park.  But before I’d actually reached the park, I thought.  Man!  Why don’t I have my camera?!

So I walked quickly back–the snake was still there–I walked back home, ran inside, seized my camera, and ran back to “The Scene of the Snake”.

So after snapping a few shots I ran back home.  And showed them to my parents

Yeah, so much for the “snake”. It’s actually a Legless Lizard! Lol.


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