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Howrse :) is a fun online game for kids (and grownups) who love horses!  The whole point of the game is to breed and raise horses.  But along the way you have to earn money (Equus as it is called on there) so that you can afford to buy riding equipment, hay and oats, buy new horses, ad pay the people who run the Equestrian Center that your horse is currently boarding in.  If you don’t board in an EC (Equestrian Center) then your horse will die over a matter of time! 😦

However, if you board in a EC then your horse can do riding lessons for the center and you will however much that certain EC will give.

No, the horses on this game do not ever move, at first playing the game you might think that it’s dumb–because the horses don’t move or you can’t figure out the Objectives in the game that you are supposed to complete to win prizes.  But they’re quit easy once your more familiar with the game. 😉

Here are some pictures of my horses on the game.  (Some horses have backgrounds and some don’t.)


This is my very first horse.  It is a female Canadian Horse of Flaxen Liver Chestnut coat color.


This is my friend Jenna’s favorite type of horse breed.  It s a Mustang.  This particular Mustang is a male of Dun coat color.


This is a Morgan female of Black coat color.


This is one of my most favorite breeds of horses on Howrse.  It’s called a Marwari.  This one is the one I’ve bred that I am most proud of.  It’s a male Marwari of Cherry Bay Overo coat color.  Only 3% of Marwaris are that color! 😀


This another Marwari.  She’s a female of Bay coat color and she is a Unicorn.  (Rare.)


This is a Light Gray coat color Purebred Spanish Horse male.  An as you can see, he’s also a Pegasus! 🙂



This is one of my horses that is trained with a “Harmony Pack”.  The “Harmony Pack”  allows you to customize your horse and your horses companions.  You can give them special coats like the one my horse has in this picture.


“Harmony Pack” horse.



Another “Harmony Pack” horse.



Donkeys are rare on Howrse.  You will be very lucky to find one in the sales that can still have babies and is cheap.  (Donkeys on Howrse can only have 3 babies within their lifetime. :/)


And so that’s all about Howrse for now! 😉  You can start your own game of it by clicking the link at the top!




I mostly draw and write but I have a side love for theatre as well. A few of my favorite pastimes are creating characters, role-playing and theorizing over my favorite series (whatever format they're in).

8 thoughts on “Howrse :)

  1. Hello! I am in as silvercloudstables add me! My first horse is a bay akhal-teke bay named Annabelle. (I just turned her into a pegasus today)

  2. I love howrse and animal jams! Me and my friends play them all the time… My username is Emma2181 on both accounts 😉

  3. Hello, this is Cerys. I have to say I adore your horses, pegusus and donkey. Also I like your website, I have one to. I am also on Howrse. My username is Cerys2013. Do friend me, I accept all friend requests. Well have a good day. Bye.

  4. i have a howrse account and want to make a palamino coat color with my female dark bay purebred spanish horse how would i do that what color male do i have to breed her with to get a palamino???

    1. It’s random… You can’t breed certain colours to make a certain colour… So it’s just lucky!

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