Island Fun

Yesterday my family and me went to Jekyll Island–and man did we have fun! 😀  First we went to the Jekyll Island Sea Turtle Center.  At the Sea Turtle enter they bring in injured Sea Turtles and help nurse them back to health.

We got to see the turtles in their tanks.  Some were just kind of floating because they were damaged in a way that they couldn’t really dive down anymore.  So they would have like these black weights on them to make them sink so that they would learn how to float! 🙂

Can you see the little Velcro weights on their shells?

They also have super cute baby Diamondback Terrapins!  SQUUUEEEEEEE!!!!!!You see what I mean???  I just love love love baby turtles! 😀

You might have noticed the chalk drawn numbers on the baby turtle’s shell.  (At least I think it’s some kind of chalk or paint.)  They draw that on with some kind of special paint that doesn’t hurt the turtle.  So instead of naming the turtles they call them by numbers.  They only number name all the little babies.  The grownup turtles they actually give names.

And then it was feeding time! 😉  And what’s on the menu–Vitamin stuffed squid and lettuce.   They have to put the Vitamins inside the dead squids so that the turtles will eat them, otherwise the turtles wouldn’t bother to eat the Vitamins.

Then we picnicked at a picnic table by Driftwood Beach with another Unschooled family like us!

I made a new friend, she’s an Unschooler (Unschooled means Home Schooled without doing classes.  Instead you learn from life and experience.)  Here she is, her name is Mikayla.

And here is my friend Jenna.  Jenna does classes in her Home School so she isn’t an Unschooler.

🙂 😀 We’re like Best Friends and all. Lol!

We finally managed to pose altogether in the same picture.

So then we saw some Horses that people had rented to ride around Jekyll on!  (I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE HORSES!!!)

And so after eating our lunch with Mikayla’s family, we got back in our car and drove over a HUGE bridge to St. Simon’s island.

We saw sooooo many things there!  First we ate from a place called Yobe.  They have NOTHING but Frozen Yogurt!  No kidding, they even have different flavors and toppings.

Me and Jenna shared a cup.It tasted amazing. 

Next was a cool store with cool art.This is a purse made out of wrappers!

This is a bunch of cats and stuff made by a lady and her family off in Africa or Asia I think.  She also makes Jewelry.

Then….We went to an Ocean shop and bought….SHARK TOOTH RINGS!

Stopping by a toy shop we played with the free bubbles (They were bigger then my head when blown sometimes.)  And walking inside began to look around at all the awesome stuff.  After awhile mom says.  “Jackson, haven’t you seen what’s over there,”  she said pointing toward the far wall.

Me and Jenna ran over to a wall covered in nothing but stacked horses.  Most were Breyer–my favorite kind! 😉

                                                                                           This last one is a donkey I believe.

After awhile we went to a candy shop.  They had 2 and a half foot long Gummy Worms and 10 inch tall gummy bears! OMG! :O

After another while we went to the beach.  And there was dead Jellyfish there. *Uh*.

Before going home we visited one last shop.  It was a shop with nothing but Natural foods and goods in it.  We ate Veggie Sticks and….There was a dog in the shop!  It’s owner’s ran the shop so it could just walk around, chew it’s little bone and play with it’s toy.  We got to pet it and it was really nice!

Sorry about how the eyes turned out. Lol.


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