Whats Been Going On

I’ve just started reading the “Hunger Games” today.  I don’t completely understand it right now though.  Also, my mom sent me two pictures that you’ll probably enjoy! 😉

LOL!  Does anybody else get it?

Also, We recently watched “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” for like the 20th time.  It never gets boring! 🙂  We had just started up Netflix when for some reason the thought of Harry Potter crossed my mind.  Jumping up from the couch I said rather loudly.  “Hey guys, let’s watch Harry Potter!”  My brother’s jumped up too and started to jump up and down.

“And let’s watch the one with the giant snake (Basilisk.)!”  I added in a yell.

Then my brother’s started to dance, so of course we put it on! 😀 🙂 😛 😉

I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to see the new Avatar show!  It’ about Aang’s granddaughter!  But it’s not on Netflix of course  because they only just came out with the first episode out like today.  And of course I don’t have Cable to see it ether…

AND I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!  I know that she’s a Waterbender because Water comes after Air.  She has a pet that is some kind of like Polar Bear Dog.  But what is the Polar Bear Dog’s name?

Does Zuko have a grand-kid?

Does Sokka have one?

What about Appa, he was so cool?!

Did Katara marry Aang?!  (Well actually that’s pretty obvious.)

Are there REALLY no more cute funny Lemurs?

And most importantly…WILL THE NEW SHOW BE AS GOOD AS THE OLD ONE??? :O

My mom said a couple nights ago that I could get on her Laptop.  When I got on the tab for my blog was up.  So I clicked it.  when I clicked I saw that she had corrected some of my grammar mistakes on one of my posts.  So I scrolled down and looked at stuff, and never noticed the new header. 

After awhile I looked up and saw this–peering freakishly at me from the doorway.It was my mom.

She said, still peering in at me.  “Jackson, have you noticed anything new?”

I answered, “Yeah, you corrected my grammar.”

“Anything else?”  she asks.

Scrolling up I finally noticed the new header!

What a day!


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