Please give me a moment to grab a pillow and scream into it….  “I GOT TO SEE “THE HuNgEr GaMeS” AHHHH!!!

Unnecessary Pillow Screaming Session over now.  (E-mail me if that was awkward :P.)

So First comes my compliments about the movie.  I think it rocked in the way that it was dramatic and sad (Sad is something to rock about sometimes right?)  And that all the districts were brought to life almost.

I saw it this afternoon, and it was awesome.  I just finished  reading the book yesterday.  And have now started on the 2nd book.  I love Mocking-Jays!  If I had one, It would end up mimicking the songs I listen to like “Clair De Lune” and “Riders in the Sky”.  Lol!

And now for the parts I will say I was disappointed with. :/

The Wolf Muttations (Is that how I spell it?)  Didn’t look like the players at all.  There squashed faces and pointed ears made them look a bit like bats crossed with Boxers or something.  Not at all like any of the players.

Also, I’m very disappointed that Rue died!  When I read about her dieing, I cried, even if it was just a little.  She was only around for like two chapters while joined up with Katniss.  But dearing that time I got very attached to her, thinking that by some wonderful twist of fate she might live.  But that wasn’t the case….:( 😦

In the movie it was very moving when district twelve and district eleven did the hand signal with three fingers in respect of Rue dieing and Katniss going into “The Hunger Games”.   But I didn’t cry. *Phew*

Of course there wasn’t anybody else in there, we left at 3pm and got to pay less because of our early appearance.  When I say “our” I mean me and my mom.  she and dad read it too.  Actually mom’s read all of them and I think dad has too.  She’s also already seen the movie once before with dad, but went to take me to see it! 😀

(I almost cried over Rue’s death again when I watched it.)  and I don’t normally cry over made up characters either.

Oh and….(May I have a drum roll?)  *Dun* *Dum* *Dun* *Dum* (That was drums.)

I GOT A D.S!!  It’s black and my favorite D.S game is Nintendogs! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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