Warriors Again!

‘Warriors’ is a series about four clans (ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan and RiverClan.)  That are made up of feral cats who live by a Warrior Code.  I posted about it once before, but I’m going to again! 🙂

So first of all, I’ve read the first series and the first book of the following series.  There are so far 4 series! :O

When I first saw ‘Warriors’ books sitting on a bookshelf in our local library, me and mom just laughed.  Warrior cats?  (Wow.)  I just thought, sounds weird and left it on the shelf.  But later I tried to make up a scene of cats training in my head.  I made up a few cats in my scene (I make up a lot of scenes up in my head.)  But I only remember one, and she was what I was picturing as the “Main Cat”.  I called her Tigress and pictured her as a bright ginger tabby female with unique darker ginger patterns against her lighter ginger fur.

I gave it whirl at doing a training scene.  Here–I’ll try to write down in words what I sort of pictured going on.

A small group of cats sat together in a long grassy lawn waiting for their training to begin.  They were all inpatient to start, but Tigress hadn’t shown up on time so they’d had to wait.  Suddenly a slender, ginger, tabby pelted across the lawn and skidded to a stop beside them.  “I’m here,” she panted.

“Great,” scoffed one cat with a hint of playfulness in his voice.

Their teacher instantly went into how to catch mice.  Tigress stat up strait with the sun shining on her bight ginger fur in the heat of late morning.  She and her classmates nodded now and then, all on good behavior today and eager to learn.  Tigress was surprised when the teacher asked her to please demonstrate catching a mouse for the class.  Her.  Really?

Surprised but not letting it show to much she stepped up and eagerly padded over the springy grass in search of a mouse.  Suddenly a small shape darted forward and she pounced on top of it.

So you see how I pictured things?  Imaging what it might be like was not enough, because I ended up getting the first book from the library.  And it took just one chapter (The first chapter) to fall in love with that book! 😀

Since then I’ve explored the Warriors website.   And also Warriors Wiki, which has everything you ever wanted to know about Warriors and the characters in it! 😀 😀

I found a Video dedicated in memory of Firestar.  Firestar was the main character of the first series.  Before you watch this video I’m going to tell you that I am very aware that this song is not  Warriors Theme song.  It has a lot of things in it that are have been all used as Warrior metaphors by the person who uploaded it.  You wouldn’t get them unless you read the books.  You really wouldn’t care about this video unless you read the books and are a big Firestar fan. 😉

And now The BIG news…..The Erins are making a WHOLE NEW KIND OF SERIES!!!  But this time it’s not called Warriors–It’s called ‘Survivors’ and it’s about DOGS!!  🙂

You can vote for the cover of the first book of the new series by clicking the link I gave you to Warriors.com!  😀

If you still don’t get the video, then I’m sorry but I’m not so good at explaining things sometimes. *Ugh*


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