It Was My Mom and Dad’s 12th Wedding Anniversary!

My parents went to St. Simon’s Island to stay the night in a hotel and look around.  And they went because it was their 12th Wedding Anniversary!

They looked around at stuff, and my mom got a design drawn on to her hand.  I think it’s spelled Hena.  It won’t stay on forever, just a few weeks or so. 😉  In this picture it hasn’t dried yet.  So it’s still not quite sunk in.

They also went to a shop that sells a bunch of stuff that isn’t to interesting according to mom.  But the thing that is probably the real attraction is…….(Drum roll?)  They sell BABY TURTLES!!!

I just LOVE baby turtles!!!

These turtles are called Red Eared Sliders I think.

Ohhhhh…..I am very pained that I cannot have a baby turtle…They are so adorable! 😦

That’s why I get sad when I watch nature shows about baby sea turtles trying to return to the ocean.  Their so cute and little and weak.  But most of them just end up dieing! 😦 😦


3 responses to “It Was My Mom and Dad’s 12th Wedding Anniversary!

  1. Congrats to your folks!

    We live next to a swampy stream, and one of my kids’ favorite thing is to catch turtles. Mostly painters and boxers, some snappers. They mark them with a dab of nail polish on their bellies to see if the catch the same ones. 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s really cool Michelle! Uh–Is that what I can call you? 😉 It’s funny, I’ve been making new posts and nobody notices, but I make one about my parents Anniversary and people like it! Lol! 😛

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