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AnimalJam Party Glitch!

I’ve talked about Animal Jam before in THIS post.  It’s a really cool website! 😀

Well yesterday I was at a ‘Wolf Only Party’.  They have parties now on AJ (Animal Jam.)  And one of my favorites to go to is the Wolves Only Party.  When you click to go to a Wolves Only Party, you automatically are turned into a wolf.  (You have to have one first.)

So I was at a wolf only party, standing by the awesome lava to turn my player red.  When I noticed–there was a seal at the wolves only party!! :O  How on earth did that seal get to the wolves only party and still be a seal?

So I asked the seal how, and they told me! 🙂  And now I’m going to tell you.  But please please please don’t go around telling everybody.  Because if you do AJHQ (Animal Jam Headquarters.)  Will fix the glitch! 😦

OK.  First go to the world called ‘Deep Blue’.

Next go down to the port that leads to Kani Cove.But just don’t go in yet.  Next open up the tab for the parties.  And then (with the party tab still up.)  Click the port to go to Kani Cove!

But just before you reach there to go in, (around the time you’re by the treasure chest sign next to it.)  click the party that’ s on!  This may take a few tries!  But It’s totally worth it! 😀

You can do it with other parties to!

I’m being a ghost at the Spooky Party. (Swimming around in the air like you sometimes do in the glitch).

Look here I am a seal at a Wolf Only Party!  Supposedly “howling” at that big full moon!  😛

There are some side effects to this glitch though.  You might appear at the party, but sometimes nobody can see you but you!  And also you might do it and the party will be empty of who are really there and you can only see the other people who have figured out the glitch! :/

Almost like you’re in another dimension!

A funny side effect you might get a lot is that you might see another copy of you there!  It’s so weird to see another you swimming in place up in the air somewhere.  Weird. 


One more awesome thing I’ll say about it….You can go as any other Ocean animal too! 😀  So you can be a shark or dolphin or something swimming in the air.  😛

Plus–you can usually switch Ocean animals once you’re there.  For instance, if you come as a seal and don’t want to be a seal–just turn into a shark!

Note:  I have a new post up that will answer some of your questions that you keep asking me about the glitch.  Please click here to view the post.

Note 2: Comments are closed on this and on my other AJ posts! My apologies, I just don’t have any interest in AnimalJam anymore. It’s still a good game, but I’m tired of receiving e-mails about new comments on this post. Keep on jamming!


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224 thoughts on “AnimalJam Party Glitch!

      1. ok here is a long story so i was at girlyLK’s den on animal jam so… her firend was there and she / he took my rare fox hat he said trust me” so i tryed to do it fast then he was like trust me agian so i was like OK but then HE TOOK IT!

    1. Sarah is right. though, i think she is she said: ” Just because i gave away my account doesn’t mean you have to go on it” and hack me” that’s what she said and i think that is right Good job Sarah! and btw, animaljam is not about hacking, scamming, or drama. so don’t do that please make animaljam a better place to play on your computer! ~ maddyln

      1. Aww thanks maddlyn! that’s so nice of you. to do that! i feel so happy i hope you keep that comment forever! my username on animaljam is Sarahrific so can you add me maddlyn ~ Sarah

      2. I’m gonna do an video about scammers. because they are rude. so everyone will get scammers and hackers reported from AJHQ. so, that’s if you are a good jammer Play wild and stay safe! ~ Maddlyn

      3. Ok. I got an account for you guys it’s not my account though ( I’m not trying to be an hacker ) guys you Know im famous So, if you Hack me I hack you back :O so watch out 😛 ~ maddyln


      2. Ok the username is taytay3316 password tdj3316 ok, it’s Not an member but, it has freechat! Enjoy! 🙂 ~ Maddlyn

      1. i am so so so MAD! i cant belive someone would do that but i know one thing my password is candy101 but dont tell anyone plz plz plz plz dont!

      2. I’m so sorry i gaveaway my password But, doesn’t mean you have to Hack me that isn’t fun! 😦 and hacker’s will get banned from AJ. so how would you like that? Huh? HUh? HACKERS!

      3. Look for more accounts ! here are some, Username : Koshorocks101 Password soz101 HAHA i tricked you 🙂 the password is differant 😛

    1. Sure of course! i would like to but there is only one promblem. my buddy list is full if i remove anyone they will get mad and i don’t want that. so sorry Sarah ~ Maddlyn

    2. maddlyn,you can’t hack me even if you wanted to because you don’t know my aj(animal jam)password,and i can’t hack you because i don’t know your aj(animal jam)password

    1. hey know whats so weird after a wile when i was trying to do the glitch i wanted to achally go to the bunnys only party just as a bunny normally not doing s glitch i apperd as a dolfin for a split secont and…..i apperd back in the deep blue why?……

    2. hey jack there is somthing siricly wrong with AJ there are horses in the deep blue and dolfins at the horses only party there are glitches every were thee is a seal swimming in one place and there is caos every where an an an there are millions of me HELP!!!!!

    3. love your blog but can you help me pretty please with a cherry on top well do i have a nice accent or do I?

    4. hey umm love the things you do whatever i am i just watch little things and stuff but i do love your things! best website EVER!

      1. uh.. i think my comment just.. came up on the main web… i think i should change my password 😦 i love candy! though. sorry!

      1. x3 guy’s can you search up buneary149 and itsjake121? and firebrd and rebelgrl and of course me sarahrific sorry too Much talking! XD

      2. x3 i Just fell for an trick! someone said they would give me back my spike, and then they said No. then they gave it back!

    1. it was really weird but it happend again exept diffrent i went to the party an i stayed an oh well it was just wierd

  1. o.hey.can i be part of ur blog?cani post glitches on a paert?we could call ot the glitchers picture…?

  2. I also know another glitch! In the spooky party on the floor with a ghost in the window, look at the wallpaper closely next to the ghost on the left. you will see a bat on the wallpaper and if you click on it you will get a free pet finder! (bats are rare and hard to find!)


    1. ok i now a glitch you go to canyons pathway and change animals into a wolf while walking up on the big gray-ish rock by where you go to go to coral canyons it may take a few tries but it works for me

    1. Mm–I’ve been trying to figure out the Walk On Air glitch for a long time! But no matter how many times that I’ve tried what the person says to do–I can’t get up in the air! :/
      Maybe wolves aren’t meant to fly? 😛

      and stuff like that..

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  4. animal jam is not opening my acc…. i hv tried many times…..but i dont know y it is nt opening……. if anyone will help me, i will give dat person many many codes and secrets of aj…….[lz help and also send buddy request- 2712angelina

  5. Wow! I already know the glitch though. Its good to know other people know it. My user is guywithahat. Friend me, I also have a fox hat, trade me a bow and the hat is yours!

    1. Yes, people keep saying that they can’t do it.
      But please remember that I posted this on April the 30, 2012. So the glitch could have been fixed since then! 😦
      I think that AJHQ have at least tried to fix it; because I keep trying to do it again too–and sometimes it will work for about 2 seconds and than it will take me to Kani Cove.

      1. i know it can be hard but some people can do it an some cant i tried it an i cant do it but anythings possible

  6. COOL! it worked i was a tiger (miss fieryclaw) at the wolve party! but then ull never guess what happened! five miss fieryclaws appeared! ill email a photo to u XD

  7. OMG!!!!! i went to the horses only party as a dolphin, and everyone was asking how i did it. |_ 0 |_ XD!!!!!!!!!!

  8. i tried this glitch and it kinda worked at first for like two seconds i was a dolphin at a party but then i was in kani cove for some reason!

    1. hey anna umm well i am planning to buddy you and ummm il be on all day on may fith yes i said cinco de mayo baby!!! LOL ok so ummm ttylxox 😛

  9. COOL! i did 4 replys! I HOPE YOU LOVE MY SONG! and i know the glitch dosen’t work anymore! THE GLITCHES ARE ALL PACHED UP, I LOED YOU, NOW SHUT UP!!

    1. Are you telling me to shut up, or telling AJHQ?
      Anyways–I made this post almost a year ago and a lot of people have figured out by now how to use the glitch.
      So if the glitch will not work, or is taking a really long time to work, then please do not get angry at me. I’m getting tired of receiving e-mails about people commenting on how ‘It doesn’t work anymore!’.
      So if you will, try and remind yourself that AJHQ have probably fixed the glitch because of how many people have shown up as ocean animals in land parties.
      Thank you,

  10. HELP!!!! this girl was so mean to me i will explain i am super mad and so upset with her. 😦 :-[ i don now her username but at first she was in jamaa township and said sled race my den members only please so i went because i am a member when she got to her den she said sled dogs outside people inside so i stayed outside and turned into a tiger then said look i am a snow tiger! then one of the arctic wolves said somthing mean and the other one agreed then the wolf that was pretending to be a person said no cats alowed then i told them they where mean and went to the top of the snow fort den and turned into a bunny then went to sleep and put up the crie sign ut then guess what!!?!! I THOUGHT SHE WAS LOOKING FOR THE MEAN WOLF BECAUSE SHE THOUGHT I WAS A BOY!!!!!!! SHE SAID HER DAD WORKS FOR AJHQ AND WOULD HAVE HIM DELETE MY ACOUNT !!!!!!!!! IF I DID NOT LEAVE I WAS SO MAD!!! please comment or reply

    1. Well… The girl may be lying about her dad just to scare you. But even if she is telling the truth–there is no good reason for her dad to shut down your account!
      You weren’t doing anything wrong, you were just playing which is the point of Animal Jam.
      And also, you’re a member, you pay money to play–why would they want to delete a paying Member?

    1. hey gess what i did it at the monkeys only party and i could see the monkeys one talked to me and said your not a monkey so your not aloud here so i said well im not exacly here im in kani cove then he said to me thats fine then but that is a cool glitch so i just said thanks back to him and for some reason i went so far away from the party that it just took me back into the deep blue i really just dont know why it was so weird i dont understand…will you help me out and tell me why that happend fang1021

  11. i did the glitch twice the second time THERE WHERE TWO OF ME!!!! i was at my friends house actully i was at the girls post that is above this i was at her house p.s. her real name is lucy and she is english i am her super bff we took a picture of it on the computer may be lucys mom will e-mail it to you jack it was so cool lucy was on animal jam to and she did the glitch to and there where to of her!! so it kinda works still but i want to do it again

  12. Okay guys, well EVIDENTLY something is wrong with the glitch. Maybe too many people have used it and it’s messed up and gotten bigger–like a big broken hole that’s in AnimalJam.
    So here’s a thought… What about not using the glitch so much?
    Then AJHQ will have a chance to fix it (at least part of the way) and it won’t be as easy to get into and mess up any more.

    1. Oh. Well, I’m not usually on a lot. I try to get on everyday to spin the wheel so that I can get gems and sometimes I’ll play some games or watch some videos. But I’m usually on instead of AnimalJam nowadays.

      1. oh ok but your a member I tried the IT was a little boring to ME now I have to horse accounts so I want you to be on sometime I am usually on around 4:30-5:30 sometimes in the morning around 9:00-9:30 well ok thanks

    1. As many times as you want, if it works.
      However there are A LOT of people who have learned about and our doing this glitch–so I would suggest doing it only once a day at the least so that it doesn’t mess up completely. 😉

  13. hi jack i was wondering if you new about how to make a howrse account also please buddy me on aj my usernames is petlover33

  14. ok here is a account with cool stuff dont trie it till january 20th it will be cool ok here it it . username-iamrich907 password- ihavelotsofstuff807223

  15. dear jack i am working on a book called broken friends it is a chapter book i will post where to find it soon thanks for the ideas

  16. whoops srry ok i know a cool animal jam account user iphone70641 password iphone ok try it its different every time you log it in

    1. Once i was at the wolves only party and.. i think i was an arctic wolf or an diamond shop animal! so. i went back to my den and i saw my buddies talking to each other. 🙂 so they said : ” Why were you at the party?” so i said I don’t know. THE END! 😀 btw this is not really an story :I

  17. i am sorry the glithch does not work anymore they fixed it pretty good now i tried and tried and tried i have done it but it does not wotk

  18. Hey guys email me ill give u a membership i will never scam i am 10 years old and im doing this on my i pod and do u can either email or message me but u can only do that on a iphone or a ipod well i have a app thet u can txt me on any phone so the # is 3040302 and the email is

  19. i know glitches please add me im a member im gonna show u 3 glitches im
    user: labp
    pass: gosh im crazy if all of you know my pass.
    i have another account
    user: wolfsrock12506
    pass: im not going to tell you as i said earlier.
    and the wolfsrock12506 account is also a member

  20. i need help it does mot work i tried it 10000 times it does not work he’s a scamer! he will get on you animal jam person by the way my uesername is petetheseal!

  21. can you help me with this please all of you that read it and play animal jam please pleeeeaaase plz be my buddy my uesername is petetheseal and i was lieing it does work!! my freinds uesername is swimie her password is 5814 i think .O. i need help what ever your name is im a nice animal jam player i never scam!

  22. Hey hey xXFaceYourFearsXx here your favorite party animal of all time ❤ party at my den all week when my den is open!!!!!



  25. Email me for codes ok my email is ok u can text me FaceTime me or email me I always answer ok I’m looking foreword to giving u ppl artic wolf codes lion codes and any codes I have 20 cards left and 6 kinds I think of each kind of member ship ok trust me

  26. Hi I did it and it worked there were 2 of me for 3 minutes and the last 7 minutes there were 3 of me saying hi 2 me. It was wired and everyone started laughing even my mum and dad that was watching over me. I went to a wolf party as a seal and … I was a seal at the wolf party.
    That was really a cool glitch and I can go to every parties in any animals now. Thanks for giving this glitch to me. My username is sweet2sweetie

    1. I’m very glad to hear that it worked for you! That does sound funny, too. 🙂
      A lot of people have said that the glitch doesn’t work, but you know–it’s a glitch, it’s glitchy. 😛

  27. i couldnt get it…but ill keep trying….and PLEASE FREIND REQUEST ME lol my user name is PopStarr55 maybe you can show me how to do the trick

  28. i have been trying but like 30 minutes ago at a horse party there was a dolphin so?????!!!!!!!
    my user is mermaidmarie

  29. Hi! This is kind of off topic but I need some help from an established blog.
    Is it difficult to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty quick. I’m thinking about making my own
    but I’m not sure where to start. Do you have any points or suggestions? Cheers

    1. Making a blog is fairly simple.
      You can make a free blog at ‘’ which is the only website that I’ve ever used to make a blog, and I’ve had this blog for a couple of years by now–so I know that the site is safe. (Plus, my mom had a WordPress blog long before I did, so there’s that.) The rest is pretty easy to figure out, You know–what color your blog should be and whatnot.

  30. you are awsome i sent you a frend request my user is specialtiger8812 and my wolf is lucky cutewolf buddy me! 🙂



  33. OMG i am so sad GRRR this stupid person just took away my fox hat and it was pink with rare i loved it some much becuase pink is my favorite color o-o WATCH OUT FOR scammers THEY ARE BAD!

    1. i won’t!
      Aj(Animal Jam) is taking a long time to load for me…so i just decided to close out the program and wait for a little bit and reopen the program

  34. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  35. i tried the glitch when the true false game was on and you wouldnt believe what happened. i turned this ugly shade of red completly, my eyes went missing, no matter what i would be a tiger, i couldnt talk, i dont think anyone could see me, and when i tried to move i wouldnt run i would slide around like i was frozen on ice, and everyone in a while i would move everyone in the party.

  36. i did this as my dolphin and i am a marron – reddish color with the same “girl” eyes lol

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