Sleepovers and Puppies!

I just love, love, love, sleepovers!  🙂  And I totally got to go on one, no–two sleepovers!  😀

Last week I went to my friend Jenna’s house for a sleepover!  We’re best friends!  I mean like, she comes to my house every weekday, we both like LPS’s (Littlest Petshops.)  We both are obsessed with, and well–we’ve known each other for like 3 years now! 😀

So at her house we had A LOT of fun!  We watched ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked’!  Click HERE for the hilarious trailer for the new Chipmunk movie! 😉  (I like when Elenore acts like Goulom from Lord of the Rings! :P)

We swam in her above ground pool–and in her neighbor’s above ground pool.  We had a whole  lot of fun–seriously!  Accept for…The BEES! 

Now–I like bees because they pollinate for us–and in that way the plants don’t die so that we still have plenty of oxygen to breath!  But, and I know that this is so that their predators won’t eat them–their stingers I hear really hurt!

Now I’ve never once in my life been stung by a bee, wasp, yellow jacket, anything of that sort.  I don’t remember ever getting bit by anything at all accept for a BILLION mosquitoes!  That’s right I do live in the very humid hunting grounds for mosquitoes called South Georgia.  But soon I’ll be up in Langley Canada! 🙂

Well now, these 2 or so bees kept landing on the ladder to my friend Jenna’s pool.  So we couldn’t get out of her pool! :O  She actually climbed over the edge when one of the bees swooped over our heads!  (I didn’t know my best friend could do that so quickly…)  They kept flying over our heads from time to time, buzzing around while we freaked out and dove under the water for as long as we could.

Her neighbor’s pool was bigger, and didn’t have any bees.  I don’t know how her neighbor wasn’t being terrorized by bees as she swam with her cousin, but well–she was awful lucky to be bee-free!  😉

We swam with her neighbor and her neighbor’s cousin for a while–but all to soon were called inside by Jenna’s mom, because it was getting to be dark.  😦

The reason Jenna was freaking out was because she had just previously been bitten by a bee for the very first time the like last week or so!

But forget the bees–all in all we had a great time!  Here is a photo of us at the sleepover.  –>

We sure do look happy in that photo don’t we?  Lol!

The most previous sleepover took place only last night, at my great aunts house.  My great aunt and I have sleepovers occasionally, my great grandma lives with her (her mom)  and we all have a good time in her little trailer.  She has 3 cats.  Two are black–Sealy and Sam.  Sealy is a long-furred black cat with huge beautiful eyes.  Her brother Sam is the same only with short fur.

She also has King, he’s a very rare breed of cat.  And actually, he used to be ours when I was a little kid.  But then we had to move to California, learned that it would be way to expensive to bring our white Persian, Princess Leigh and our rare Snowshoe Cat, King with us.  So knowing that Re Re (As I call my great aunt)  Was a cat person, gave them to her.  Princess Leigh is now known by the name Rocky, has a Rhinestone caller and lives with a girl or women who takes good care of her.  Like a real princess I guess.

Our Snowshoe, King on the other hand–was given to a black women who took him home–but for reasons unknown the moment he saw her son (or was it brother?)  He freaked out, threw a hissing fit and went under her couch where no soul could touch him.  So Re Re was called, the couch literately picked off the floor so that she could get him, and he’s lived in Re Re’s trailer with her ever since then.  She just loves him, and he loves her too…

Here are some photos of the cats.

This is Sam.

This is King, he is very old as cats go now, walks like an old man, and has arthritis in his back legs.  😦  I sadly have none of Sealy and couldn’t get the flash to work right with King’s eyes.  Lol!  😉

The next day we drove to Jacksonville Florida so that my great grandma could get a checkup from her doctor there.  After that we went to explore in Jacksonville, we ate at “The Olive Garden” which I’d never been to before!  I got spaghetti, and so did my great grandma.  I’m not sure what Re Re got, but it wasn’t really spaghetti.

After eating at The Olive Garden we went to a shop full of materials for art and suing and stuff like that.  I don’t sue, but they do.

Then we went searching for a pet shop to look at the animals and…We wondered upon a place that stole my heart!!!  It was called simply ‘Puppies’  and they sold nothing but–PUPPIES!!!  You could pet them!  And take them out in a closed in play area to play with them!


This is a Golden Retriever pup that my Re Re liked.  🙂

I forgot what breed this is–but isn’t it cute?!

The way this English Bulldog is captured in this photo staring longingly up at me–it breaks my heart and makes me squeal at the same time every time I see this picture!  😦  It didn’t have any friends or brothers or sisters to play with! 😦

I’m not sure what breed of dog this pup is–but my great grandma just loved it!

And finally–The pup that stole my heart in the most nerdiest, cutest way possible.  The one I was dieing to buy even though we our moving to Canada soon…


Isn’t adorable?  It looks like a little wolf pup!  And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE wolves too!  Huskies are actually related to wolves! 😀

OMG, it looks just like the husky I puppy I have on my D.S game Nintendogs!!!

I had a REALLY fun time playing with it!  The first dog I played with was a baby Pomeranian, I don’t have a photo of it–but this is what they look like.

It looked like that, only brown! 🙂

I also played with a boxer puppy–it was already kind of big, but it was really hyper and cute!  It was brown, and I think it had a creamy or white stripe on its chest.  I don’t have a photo of it either.  Re Re was dieing to own this boxer, she said that if she had a lot of money, and a fenced in backyard–she would totally buy it!

Here’s what it sort of looked like–

Isn’t it cute?

And lastly–a couple weeks ago my mom’s friend brought her two dogs over! 🙂  An about full grown ShitZu named Rango, and Rango’s half sister who is part Shitzu part Chihuahua!  Her name is cookie.

This is Cookie!  Awwwww!  Just imagine her with her ears turned up and you’ll see more of the Chihuahua in her.

This is Rango and Cookie play fighting.  Rango’s got a ridiculous face in that photo.  LOL!

This is Cookie asleep! 🙂

That’s all for today! 😉


9 responses to “Sleepovers and Puppies!

    • Yes I have Mrs. Michelle! I have even more to post about–but thought that for the time being that one post would just have to do!

      Oh–I so hope that those adorable, play full balls of fur find good owners with good dog friendly homes! 🙂

      • NO they are just puppies GET OVEr it IF you like cats go to my den my user is Sarahrific if you see its locked jam – a – gram me and i will unlock my den BYE!!!

  1. (in order)
    Glad you had fun!
    I think you should join some of the writing contests on Susanna Leornard Hill’s blog (the ones I enter – you’d be good at them. She has them every other month)
    P.S. Now I want a Pomeranian! So cute! 😀

  2. AWWWW! Is right Erik! They are RIDICULOUSLY cute! 😀 I really want a baby Pomeranian too–they are sooo cute and fluffy! If they didn’t have any fur, I bet that they would look five times skinnier because of the lack of fluff! Lol.

    I love writing contests! Maybe you could send me the link to Susanna Leornard Hill’s blog?

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  4. Ya of corsue everyone thinks the puppies are cute which is not fair to the cats THEY HATE YA’ll so just don’t talk about the puppies are cute cuz THEY ARE NOT!

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