The Beanie Baby ‘Hunger Games’

“Happy Hunger Games!  And may the odds be ever in your favor!” -Effie Trinket. 😉

I would first like to thank my friend Lopmoppy for sharing this hilarious video, “The Beanie Baby Hunger Games” with me and my other internet pals on the WordPress site Christian Unschooling Kids.  If you are reading this right now–than thank you very much for the good laugh Lopmoppy!  😀

Please click the video below to enjoy watching ‘The Hunger Games’, in Beanie Baby version!  It even has, direct quotes from the books, and the voices of the characters who were in the movies!  It is very funny!  But only to people who have read the books or seen the new ‘The Hunger Games’ movie!  (Or both.)

I also, really like how Katniss EverBEAN looks like a Mockingjay.  (Bluejay really, but Mockingjay jokingly.)




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