What’s New in Canada

I’ve only been in Canada for a few days and am already finding myself falling head over heels in love with the place!  Especially over the “Western Trinity University” that my dad goes to.  As we haven’t moved into our to-be-new-house, and still have about 4 weeks to go before the family who owns it moves to Uganda for a year–we are stuck living in a two bedroom apartment for while we’re waiting.  It’s actually called a ‘Dorm’ and it’s at the University my dad goes to.

And–I already have new friends! 🙂  Not new best friends.  Jenna is still my best friend, but they are very good friends!  Their names are–Kristy age 11.  Kristy’s older sister Laura age 13, and Emma age 7.  Emma also has a brother who my brothers want to all play with constantly, I think he’s 9…

Well, here’s the awesome part!  Kristy and Laura’s apartment is DIRECTLY above ours! 😀  And Emma’s is upstairs but at the other end of the hallway. 😉

Our apartment/dorm is like most.  It has two bedrooms with two beds in both of them.  (Also a mattress set on the floor for my youngest brother, Clint.)  A Living room with a TV.  No Cable, but so what?  there are hardly any good shows on at night and we’ve never really had Cable anyways!  Plus–we’ve managed to hook our Wii up to our TV so I can play Mario Kart and Star Fox Adventures, etc.  There is a large closet in the hallway, a very small kitchen, and lastly a bathroom.  (No tub just shower, that’s going to be a large adjustment for my 3 brothers who have only ever taken baths.  LOL!)

You’d think I’d be bored in a small living area that Echos my brothers making their loud noises from the other end of the hall.  But truthfully–I like it here!  No, wrong…I LOVE it here! 😀 😀  I mean, I still get bored.  But I have the Wii, my D.S, the Portable DVD player for if I want to watch a movie, and my LPS’s.  (Littlest Petshops.)  Oh, and I get to get on the laptop sometimes.  (It’s hard to share only one computer with a studying father, a blogging mother, and computer game loving brothers. :/)

Now don’t go thinking my life revolves around video games, because it doesn’t.  It might have at one point, but it does absolutely not only revolve around video games now! 🙂 I get bored cooped inside, hearing my brothers yell, and playing video games for to long.  So for literately every single day that I’ve been here, I’ve gone hiking with my new friends Kristy and Laura!  And there is SO much to explore and see! :O

We go to some woods that start on the school property, but lead off it.  And these woods look like something strait out of a MOVIE, no kidding!  It’s like a jungle almost!  It’s damp, with trees of all sorts and GIANT ferns, and GIANT slugs–Yup, that’s how big it is compared to my dad’s hand! :O  Did you know that when a slug is threatened (For instance, picking it up like I do.)  It will produce more slime?  Just pick one up and see for yourself. LOL. 😉  I’ve been helping save the snails and slugs that wonder on the path so that they don’t get crushed by people out in the woods. 😦

What a HUGE stump! Imagine the TREE!  Sorry the photo has lines, my camera has been acting weird. :/

Whoa! I think I might have been crossing my eyes in this one.

Remember that series I’m addicted to called ‘Warriors’ written by four authors under the name Erin Hunter?  Well, back in Georgia, my brothers, my two neighbors AJ and Jordan, my best friend Jenna, and me–would all play ‘Warriors’.  I was leader of ShadowClan, Jenna was my deputy, Jordan was my warrior whom I had apprenticed, (But her father from RiverClan had given her to ShadowClan.)  And Lucas my brother was my apprentice for about 1 day.

AJ was Leader of RiverClan,(Also was the one who gave Jordan up as a kit to me for my ShadowClan apprentice, as he was the father.) Everett was his deputy I do believe, and Clint was his apprentice or Warrior.

Well, in Georgia our yards were OK places to play Warrior cats, but we always really wished that we had a REAL forest to divide up territory, pretend to hunt, mentor apprentices,  just like in the books!  And yet here I am with a vast natural forest, practically at my “paws”.

Only now AJ Jordan and Jenna aren’t here to play it with.  😦  It was kind of hard to play with them, because they hadn’t actually read ANY of the books.  But it was still fun!  BUT–guess what???

Laura and Kristy have read a few books of the first series–and are quite keen on playing the game in the woods! 😀 😀 😀

So we found a large area with tall grass and yellow flowers that we dubbed ‘WindClan’s Territory’.

A swampy area with mud more then a foot deep has been made as ‘ShadowClan’s Territory’.

A wide rocky stream with a ‘Twoleg (The Cats word for Human.)  made bridge built over it has been made ‘RiverClan’s Territory’.

And last but not least, a large clearing with hollows under trees that are purrfect for their dens, has been made ‘ThunderClan’s Territory’.  😀

We tend to stick to ThunderClan because it really looks like it jumped out from the pages of a Warriors book.  But it’s fun to wade in RiverClan and to throw rocks in the swampy water of ShadowClan. 😉

Here are some pictures of my friends and me fighting like the Warriors in ThunderClan’s Territory.  We even reenacted ‘The Battle at Sunningrocks’!

I love this photo, it looks so real somehow, the pose Kristy and Laura have taken on as they “fight”.

And the chase is on!

It looks like Laura is a beaten Warrior in this photo. 😦

And here I stand as ThunderClan’s Leader, trying to look as Leader-like, yet still goofy as possible.

I have a video of us all fighting each other like Warriors that I can post later.  😉

OK, now I do love ‘Warriors’ but from experience know not to bore you about it any longer!  Instead I’ll tell you about a brand new adventure in  my life, just previously unlocked.  And that new thing is–ice skating.

I had never been Ice Skating before in my life until a couple days ago, when Kristy and Laura’s family asked if I wanted to go Ice Skating with them!  (SQUEEEAAAAAA!!!!!)  Only I wasn’t squealing with joy then.  I had been Roller Skating at an indoor rink before, I got OK at it too.  But I’d only been three times…PLUS I’d been skating only on the kind with f0ur wheels on each side so I didn’t have to balance as much.

But as it turns out, the blades on the Ice Skates weren’t as thin and sharp as I’d imagined in my mind, so I could balance fine.  I walked around in them, then went into the rink, my first step on ice was something completely new to me.  When my first foot reached the ice, it was slippery, hard, smooth, and somewhat bright as it reflected the lights in the room.  Trying not to slip, I half walked-half slid while I desperately clung to a wall, until I got to a place where I could practice better.  (Phew!)  There was a wall I could hang on to if I started to fall while I practiced by it.

I didn’t want to use one of the little things you push on the ice, it would make me feel like a little kid.  But my lust to actually glide across the middle of the rink with my friends took over.  I got a push-y thing and began to slide around the rink.  People who could already skate really good were using them for fun anyways! 😛

LOL, I look like I’m skating on High-heels.

This is me standing by my friend Kristy.

From Right to Left: Kristy, TheGirlNamedJack, Laura.

Well, more good news! 🙂  I’m going Ice Skating again with them next week! 😀

I hope y0u enjoyed reading about my new adventures here in Canada! 😀 🙂 😛




2 responses to “What’s New in Canada

  1. Wow. It sounds like you are having fun! 🙂 At the moment, My family and I are living in our grandparents’ basement while our new house gets built down the street (we just moved Sunday) 🙂

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