Bluestar’s Prohecy/Recent Activety

First of all.  I’d like to say that I am sorry for not updating you all for a couple weeks.  I haven’t had access to our laptop lately and whenever I do I don’t use my time on it very productively. :/  But now I’m here writing this from a friend’s house–so bare with me! 😉

I went Ice Skating two more times and my Ice Skating has improved greatly.  I can skate a short ways without holding onto something. 😀

I have gotten news that my old dog Jake is adjusting to life with his new family very well–he has been playing with them in their pool. 🙂  That makes me incredibly happy. 😀

I did not go to another class of the Woman Self Defense.

I did go to one class with Kristy and Laura of Dancing.  It was held in the same room the Woman Self Defense had been held in.  We did some dances from Israel.

AND–I went for a sleepover with Kristy and Laura up in their apartment! 😀  It ROCKED!!

Last of all, I’m going to make a YouTube account REALLY soon! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀  And I found an AWESOME Warrior cats video on YouTube!  It’s an animated video of the book “Bluestar’s Prophecy”.  Bluestar’s Prophecy is about Bluestar’s life from when she first ever opened her eyes until just before Firepaw joins ThunderClan.  If you have NOT read all the original series of Warriors than you shouldn’t watch this.  You wouldn’t understand it and it would spoil things you might not know about yet.

Well here it is…

Oh by the way!  It has 809,663 views!  The animation in it is AWESOME!

That video sends shivers up and down me–I loved Bluestar and the music made the animation all the more dramatic. 😥

Here are some more Warrior videos.

😛 😛 😛  BLUE!!!!!! That video had 43,922 views.

That one I found…Odd… It had 61,091 views though.





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